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Kobe Logo OR

Kobe Logo


The Kobe logo is recognized around the world thanks to the 1996 NBA Finals victory over the Utah Jazz. This is the perfect example of how internet memes can change history, creating enduring memories. . .



Kobe Bryant is the name of one of the most awarded NBA players in history, which was born in 1978 and died in 2020. The legendary player shared his name with the exclusive collection, designed by Nike, which was launched at the beginning of the 2000s.

The Kobe Bryant logo is composed of an abstract geometric symbol, consisting of six segments, which make up a figure, resembling a sword. Though its official color palette is monochrome, the emblem can be seen in different combinations, depending on the needs and background. (Source: 1000logos.net)



“The Hour Glass”. Never one to stand still. Kobe immediately started launching new projects almost as soon as the dust settled on his final NBA game, in which he put up an INSANE 60pts. Trademarking his new ‘Hour Glass’ logo that resembles an 8 silhouetted in the letters ‘K’ and ‘B’. His business partnership with Jeff Stibel looks set to become one of his key sources of revenue following his retirement. Although the business has its own, more corporate logo to represent the joint venture of ‘Bryant Stibel’ the Hour Glass represents Kobe as an individual in all his ventures.

Retirement from basketball didn’t slow Kobe down. Upon leaving the NBA, he jumped head-first into the worlds of entertainment and business, reinventing himself for the third time. As a result, he needed a new logo—and from that, the Hourglass was born. (Source: dunkorthree.com)


“The Frobe” is a popular term used to describe the period Kobe Bryant sported his then trademark afro hair style. It is also a term used to describe his first logo; this became associated with his time with Adidas. “The Frobe” first appeared on ‘The Kobe’ range of Basketball shoes that replaced the KB8 range at the start of the century. This would also coincide with Kobe’s rise to prominence within the NBA.

After the success of MJ’s signature sneakers, many players jumped on the bandwagon and got their own shoes. None compared to Jordan’s in popularity, but some did make a splash. A big part of their success was the logos that were chosen. Players like Shaq, Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway, and Allen Iverson followed suit with their own catchy personal logos. (Source: dunkorthree.com)



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