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Kijafa Vick

Kijafa Vick


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))Vick proposed to her through a surprise party which was held at the Ritz-Carlton. The whole proposal was live on tv for The Michael Vick Project on BET. They got married in June 2012 at the Miami Fountainbleu Hotel. The ceremony was worth 300,000 US dollars. Vick views his wife as one of his best friends and supporters. They have grown to love and respect each other over the years and do not seem to be in a hurry to call it quits anytime soon. The couple currently lives in Virginia with theirVick's wife was born Kijafa Frink on December 15,1980 in Philadelphia. She attended Hampton University in Virginia. Vicks wife owns her own South Philadelphia clothing and accessories boutique known as PnKElephant which also operates online. Vick's wife also co-owns My Hair Closet which is a hair wig and hair weave line. Michael's wife co-produced The Michael Vick Project which documented his return to the NFL after being imprisoned for 2 years. Vick's wife starred in an executive producer of the VH1 reality Series, Baller Wives. (Source: children. (Source:

Michael had an astonishing career with Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia Eagles, and Pittsburgh Steelers. But due to his involvement in some shady works, Michael was suspended from NFL. Michael’s wife Kijafa was beside him when he was sent to prison for a year. (Source: playersbio.com)


Vick and his family lived in the Ridley Circle Homes which were a public housing project. The neighborhood was financially depressed and was crime-ridden. There was drug dealing,drive-by-shootings, and killings in the neighborhood. Many saw sports as a way out hence Michael took up sports. Vick used to go fishing when he was around 10 years old just to escape the violence and stress in the neighborhood. (Source:

Only the couple’s close family members attended the ceremony. After the wedding, Kijafa Vick commented: “I felt so blessed and grateful to have all my family around me celebrating my wedding to John. I can’t wait to continue the celebrations and enjoy with friends to celebrate our marriage”. (Source: www.wiki.ng)


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