How to List Expected Graduation Date on Resume

How to List Expected Graduation Date on Resume

How to List Expected Graduation Date on Resume

The need to have a graduation date on your resume has become an important factor, as some recruiters will only extend an offer to college students who are graduating on a certain day in the future.



According to North Carolina State University, education should be listed above experience, if you're still in school. Below education, add your anticipated diploma or degree and the your expected graduation date in parentheses. If you're attaining a bachelor of science in engineering degree, for example, list this way: "Bachelor of Science (Expected June 2014)." Beneath your anticipated degree and expected graduation date, add the school from which you're graduating, followed by your grade point average.

www.monster.com)Your job search is kind of like a continuing education, in that there's a lot to learn and also a fair share of homework. Adding your expected graduation date on a resume is a great way to show employers you're motivated. Need some more guidance? Check out Monster's Grad site for a bunch of practical career advice, from perfecting your cover letter to how to interview and impress hiring managers. Search smarter from the very start. (Source:


An expected graduation date is the day, month, and year you are scheduled to graduate from college. The purpose of an expected graduation date is to let employers know that you’ll be fulfilling the education requirements needed for the job by the time the role needs to be filled. While you’re still in school, this information should be placed above your work experience section on your resume.

Typically, the name of your school will go just below the degree program in the education section. However, if you’re graduating from an especially prestigious school, it is acceptable to list the school above the degree program. When you name your school, make sure to add the city and state in which the school is located. For example, you might write Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut. (Source: www.resume.com)



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