future stars of sports fastpitch

future stars of sports fastpitch

Future Stars Softball Indiana

Future Stars is a fast growing traveling team that is on the lookout for future stars. Selected players will have time to practice and attend school depending on the schedule. The team will be at a maximum of 12 players, who will offer an exciting, competitive opportunity to showcase your skills, while having the ability to continue their academic and competitive careers.


"I wanted to thank you and tell you how grateful we were to participate in the Sparkler this year. It was with out a doubt the most professionally-run tournament we have played all year. We appreciate all that you did to arrange the (off-field) discount fun events and the overall experience of all three of our teams was totally positive! You can count us in for next year at the Sparkler!" --Missouri Revolution

COOLERS, CONCESSIONS & FOOD- For the 14u event there are no cooler or outside food restrictions. Some fields will have concessions with the exception of Rolland Moore and Twin Rivers. Please plan accordingly. For the 12u event we'll have concessions/ food trucks at all parks. There are no cooler or outside food restrictions at El Pomar, Leon Young or Goose Gossage. The concessionaire at Skyview will often try to enforce a cooler restriction; bring them in and we'll fight the fight with you as best we can. (Source: www.cosparkfire.com)


"I am the coach's wife and our daughter went to Virginia Tech on a softball scholarship. We have been to a lot of tournaments through the years, but we have never been to a tournament that has been so informative and helpful with anything and everything, as this one has! You guys have done a great job and I wanted to let you know it. I don't think people stop and think how difficult it is to put on a tournament of this size. We do appreciate all that you have done!! Forward this to the entire committee, our hats are off to you all." --Diamond Dusters, WV

"I continue to be amazed by TCS Tournaments as whole. TCS runs the best tournaments from start to finish than any other organization. The Sparkler specifically is quite an undertaking, and every year I walk away amazed at how well the tournament is run. From games times you can count on, to professionalism by the staff, to education of the college recruiting process. EXCELLENT!!" --Lady Hustle, CA (Source: www.cosparkfire.com)



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