Future Star Beyond the Boundary OR

Future Star Beyond the Boundary OR

Future Star Beyond the Boundary


Beyond the Boundary (境界の彼方) is a Japanese light novel series written by Takumi Hiiragi with illustrations by Sadoru Chiba. The light novel series has been published by Fujimi Shobo since July 24, 2013 and has a total of nine volumes.


Beyond the Boundary -I'll Be Here- (Kyoukai no Kanata -I'll Be Here-) is a two film set animated by Kyoto Animation and published by TBS, based on the light novel written by Nagomu Torii. While the TV series aired during the Autumn 2013 season, this version is similar to Madoka Magica where the first film (entitled Past / Kako-hen) is a compilation of the events that occurred in the TV series, while the second film (entitled Future / Mirai-hen) is a brand new sequel to both the TV & first film.

Mirai Kuriyama is the last surviving member of her clan, which is cursed with the ability to control and manipulate blood, a power so heretical that Mirai is shunned by everyone… until she meets Akihito Kanbara. When a chance encounter brings them together, it becomes clear that they share a destiny and a mission that only the two of them together may be strong enough to survive. Beyond the world that we know, in a realm where nightmares are real, their future awaits BEYOND THE BOUNDARY! (Source: itunes.apple.com)


Watching Kyoukai no Kanata is like riding a train but as it moves, it goes down spiral, into the abyss, and finally reaches trainwreck at the shadow of the pit. Don’t get me wrong, the show has quite an promising premise with the style of a dark fantasy genre. It’s something that Kyoto Animation haven’t tried before in the past so Kyoukai no Kanata should set its par high with this new style, right? Wrong. This series is fails at various levels and if you’re expecting a deep engaging story with well developed characters, then look somewhere else. It doesn’t break any boundary or go beyond its generic setting. Instead, it presents a story that is almost laughable. And no, I’m not laughing.

The setting of the series takes place in a modern time era with the typical school life of our characters. Among our main characters includes Akihito Kanbara, a half-human and half-youmu with a gifted ability of regeneration, Mirai Kuriyama with the talent of blood manipulation, the spirit warrior Mitsuki Nase, and her older brother Hiiromi Nase. These four characters makes the ingredients of this show that give Kyoukai no Kanata its odd flavor. Most of them hardly connect at all with their lack of characterization. Almost all their conversations lacks any sort of dynamics but is instead replaced with irrational jokes, meaningless development, and overall a fragile depth. None of the characters stands out on their own either. Mirai is decorated with adorableness that is further evidenced by those noticeable round glasses, petite figure, and nerviness around others. Perhaps also colored as a natural klutz, there is almost nothing that stands out with her being part of this series. On the other hand, Akihito makes more of a presence but for absurd reasons such as his glasses fetish and preposterous humor. His relationship with Mirai is quite empty and can hardly be noticeable at all. In fact, there is hardly any romance between the duo nor any depth. They seem to exist the complete opposite together like oil and water. The Nase siblings aren’t any interesting either considering their constant bickering and Hiiromi’s heavily implied sister complex. (Source: myanimelist.net)



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