Entry Level Paralegal Resume

Entry Level Paralegal Resume

Entry Level Paralegal Resume


Tired of looking for a job that doesn’t exist? It’s not that difficult to land a job in law, especially for entry-level paralegals. Follow these steps to build your resume and race to job interviews.


As in any field, those seeking an entry-level paralegal position should include appropriate personal details. At the top of the resume, clearly provide your contact information, including full name, phone number, email address and physical address. Just below your contact information should be your career objective, which provides a description of the position you want. If you know the area of law you'd like to specialize in, the career objective is the place to include that information. If not, simply express your desire to gain experience in the general practice of law. The career objective shouldn't run more than one or two sentences.

Use your paralegal research skills to find more information about the company or law firm you are applying with. Go to its website and social media pages, or type the firm's name into a search engine to find related articles and news. Learn about the types of cases and clients the company works with to reference any experience you have with those case types in your objective. Note the tone and style of the text so you can match it in your resume objective, too. (Source: www.indeed.com)


Outline your most substantive duties at your last job or internship in a way that tells your story. What did you learn there? How did it make you a better paralegal? If you are proud of you research work, take the time to explain why. And, by all means, highlight your career accomplishments (e.g., Assisted attorneys at trial during a multi-million-dollar environmental case) and your educational accomplishments (e.g., graduated magna cum laude) Ok, ok – I guess we have to touch on the stuff everybody already knows too… There are some things that are expected on a resume, no matter how stock they may be. Keep this in mind and don’t try to use something that is inherently unimpressive and a standard part of the job to impress. Get all the generic stuff employers need to see in there, but keep it succinct and give more attention to anything that might reveal an important aspect of your character or any specialized skills you have

Many entry-level paralegals have little work experience, so emphasizing education and academic performance is important. If you received an associate or bachelor’s degree, provide information on the school you attended, the year of completion, your major and any relevant courses you took. If you graduated with a high GPA, include that as well. You can also provide information about your extracurricular activities, such as clubs and organizations. Some paralegals also choose to become certified through a national or local paralegal organization. If you've completed a certification program, include information about it. Different firms require different levels of education and certification, so check the job description to see if you meet the requirements. (Source: work.chron.com)


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