Culture and Culture in Barcelona, Spain@

Culture and Culture in Barcelona, Spain@

Culture and Culture in Barcelona, Spain@

If you're planning your next trip to Spain it is a must to spend some time in the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona. The Catalonia region's capital is also known for its art and architecture, and Barcelona is no exception. Modernist landmarks in Barcelona include the Sagrada Famlia church, designed by architect Antoni Gaud. Apart from modern art, the city is home to several archeological sites, including the MUHBA.

Barcelona's history dates back to Neolithic times. In the 1st century BC, Romans established Barcelona as a colony that had more than 1,000 people. The colony was surrounded by a defensive wall. These walls can still be visible in the city's former town which dates back to the early Roman era. The city was under Muslim control for more than 200 years, and then became an independent county in the Carolingian Empire. It was later the principal residence of the Crown of Aragon. The medieval period established the city as a major city of both political and economic importance in the Western Mediterranean.

The city's modernity is evident in its vibrant market scene. Boqueria market has been in existence since the time of the medieval era and has a roof built in 1914. It's a bustling, urban market that has stalls that are always open, fishmongers in the center, and bars around the perimeter. The boqueria must be seen while in Barcelona. Through the ages, the city has grown into one of the most influential cities in Europe.

Another landmark in the city's history is the Parc de la Ciutadella. Just ten minutes away from the city center, the park has walking paths and a fountain called the Cascada. The park is also home to Gaudi's famous mosaic Dragon, as well as other Gaudi works. If you're in Barcelona don't miss an opportunity to view the calcot in its season. It's tasty, enjoyable and is a wonderful opportunity to learn about Catalonian culture.

If you love history, Barcelona is a must-see. The capital of Catalonia, the city has its own flag and language. In addition to the official language, you can discover other sites which are associated with history like the Casa Mila. It is a popular tourist destination, but the city's atmosphere makes it a fun place to explore. There's also a wide range of activities available.

There are many things to do in Barcelona however should you be looking for the best view of the city, you're in the right place. There are five main streets in the city, and many pedestrians walk between them. The Ramblas is a fantastic place to spend the day exploring the city. Its Gothic Quarter is full of charming galleries and boutiques. It's simple to see how it's so popular.

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