career objective for store assistant

career objective for store assistant

Retail Resume Objective Statement

You are in a meeting and the recruiter asks what you want out of the interview. Whether you have a job interview, informational interview, or a professional networking meeting, your resume is probably at the center of the conversation. The following script is a sample resume objective that delivers all the information the recruiter may be looking for.


Your resume is designed to sell one product—you. As someone in the retail industry, you might not be sure whether or not to include a resume objective. (It's true that the career summary is more common nowadays.) Before including an objective on your retail resume, make absolutely sure that it's necessary to include it before applying to retail jobs.

Your retail resume objective hinges on a clearly defined goal, but the don't forget about the rest of your resume. That objective must be backed up with relevant skills and experience that are properly demonstrated on your resume. Could you use some help with that? Get a free resume evaluation today from the experts at Monster's Resume Writing Service. You'll get detailed feedback in two business days, including a review of your resume's appearance and content, and a prediction of a recruiter's first impression. Let the experts at Monster help you put your job search in the express lane. (Source: www.monster.com)


Seeking for a Retail position with Top Sports Inc. to apply prior merchandising experience, effective communication skills, and proven customer support abilities. Also coming with uncommon ability to provide timely and accurate point of sale service and ensure smooth and efficient store operations.

Highly motivated self-starter with strong interpersonal and time management skills. Interested in the position of a Retail Stylist with ModCloth where strong merchandising experience and knowledge of clothing and fabric terminology will be applied. (Source: bestresumeobjectiveexamples.com)


Hard-working (strong trait) retail associate, skilled in POS tech and inventory management (2 key skills). Seeking to increase sales and customer loyalty (what you hope to do for the company) as a Sales Associate at Chiller Outfitters (the position and company name). Built volunteer retail experience at Goodwill as cashier and restocker, receiving management commendation for excellent customer communication.

Engaged, organized graduate with Duke Continuing Studies Legal Assistant Certificate, specializing in real estate law(1). 2+ years of experience in coordinating and organizing(2) key communications(3) and scheduling executive calendars(4) for the Tiffany Group team. Seeking to join Hogan & Partners to deliver excellence, timeliness, and attention to detail preparing wire transfers(5), arrangements, and expense reports(6). (Source: zety.com)


A resume objective is a brief description located at the top of your resume that expresses your suitability for the prospective role. It includes your career goals and the value you can contribute to the company. You typically add an objective below your name and contact details so it’s the first part of your resume that a hiring manager will read. An objective should be one to two sentences and should take up two lines or less on your resume.

Tailor your retail resume objective to the job description and ensure it matches the employer’s requirements. For example, if the position requires a strong knowledge of a point-of-sale system, be sure to emphasize that in your objective. Also, by mentioning the specific job title and company, you’ll show the employer that you made the objective specifically for them. This attention to detail will show your interest in the role. (Source: www.indeed.com)


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