A Sunset Time

A Sunset Time

Sunset Time

In the warm light of dusk one evening, I watched as the sun slowly folded itself into the night sky back beyond our country’s horizon. The heat of the days departed as well. It was strange to experience these sensations not only through my extremities, but now through the objects around me as well. The events of the evening seemed like a vivid dream, or maybe just a fantasy. In that moment, the feeling of the sunset was new and my experiences with it were fresh.



'This means any city of Pakistan that has higher longitude value will be exposed to sun beam first than other cities falling on lower longitude values in the county. For example, Lahore has 74 degree longitude value and Hyderabad has 68 degree longitude. The sun light will first expose Lahore and later Hyderabad,' a met department official explained.

To get the data for anywhere you need to choose your city from the list. If you can not find the city you are looking for, please, mark it on the map or enter the coordinates. 25 december 2021 (saturday), sunrise time in Lahore: 07:01:07, sunset time: 17:06:35. Length of the day is 10:05:27. Maximum elevation above horizon is +35° 02′ 32″. The sun reaches its zenith at 12:03:51. (Source: sunsetsunrisetime.com)


The calculation table displays summary data for the selected period. They are convenient to use when you need, for example, to determine the average length of a day in this year or month. Or get data, such as the time of dawn, in the form of a list in order to print them later or form a graph. To set the period, click on the calendar to the right of the date. To print a table - use the appropriate button to the right of the period indication form. Today 25 december 2021 year.

A detailed table and graphics showing the sunsrise and sunset times for more than 100.000 places around the world. What time is it dark today and how long does it take for it to get dark after sunset? What is the day length today? (Source: meteogram.org)


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