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A Mazzios


Mazzio's (/ˈmiːzjɒz/ Māˈzjōz) Is a Chain of Italian Restaurants Based in the United States, With Locations in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Virginia. the Company Was Founded by Italian Immigrants in Baltimore in 1959.



Mazzio's Corporation is a privately-owned Tulsa, Oklahoma-based holding company that operates two regional Italian casual restaurant chains, Zio's Italian Kitchens and Mazzio's Pizza, as well as a pizza delivery service. The 17-unit Zio's is the more upscale of the two concepts, offering brickoven pizzas and traditional Italian cuisine. Mazzio's Pizza numbers nearly 200 units, about half of which are franchised operations. Mazzio's restaurants are located in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, and Iowa. The company is headed by its founder, Ken Selby. (Source:

Mazzio's again changed directions in the early 1990s, as it became clear that it was losing dinnertime business to a new breed of casual restaurants, including the likes of Bennigans, Chili's, and TGI Fridays, which offered an extensive menu and a full bar. Selby and his management team decide in 1992 to develop their own Italian cuisine entry in this category, the goal to offer quality food in ample portions at affordable prices, serviced in a comfortable atmosphere. The result of 14 months of effort was the 1994 opening of the first Zio's Italian Kitchen in Tulsa, a 5,000-square-foot-freestanding structure modeled after an Italian villa, capable of seating 250 guests. The concept proved immediately popular and led to larger units opening in Oklahoma City, Kansas City, and Springfield, Missouri. In March 1998 a Zio's opened in Houston and appeared to be well on its way to enjoying success but on the third night of operation, with the restaurant packed, smoke was detected. It quickly became apparent the attic was on fire. Everyone was quickly evacuated and within a matter of minutes the structure burned to the ground. Not only did Mazzio's rebuild on the same location, before the end of the year it opened a second Houston location. (Source: www.encyclopedia.com)


At the time Zio's opened, the Mazzio's chain totaled more than 230 units generating $130 million in sales. However, as Mazzio's was upgrading its menu and Zio's was going more upscale, the company felt that it was forgetting about it's long-term customer base, the value-oriented family market. To appeal to this segment, Mazzio's launched the Pizzetti's $2.99 all-you-can eat concept. It was supposed to attract large families, the members of which would eat varying amounts. Over time the restaurants simply attracted big eaters, and a high volume, low-margin business to begin with became even less profitable. The parent company preferred to invest its money on its other concepts. Pizzetti's units outside of Tulsa were sold, and the handful located in Tulsa were converted to Mazzio's.

www.encyclopedia.com)During the 1990s Mazzio's made regular changes to its menu. In 1992 it began offering specialty pizzas that instead of a traditional red sauce used an Alfredo sauce. The chain then moved to products with much the same appeal as pizza. In 1994 Mazzio's introduce a calzone ring, essentially a stuffed pizza brushed with garlic butter seasoning and served with a marinara dipping sauce. This item was followed a year later by stromboli. In 1997 Mazzio's began to offer wraps, and in 1998 it unveiled the quesapizza, an ultra-thin-crust pizza that came with a salsa dipping sauce. (Source:




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