Sushi restaurant Atlanta

Sushi restaurant Atlanta

Sushi restaurant Atlanta

The Umi sushi restaurant atlanta has been one of my favorites for a long time. I get a bento box, get a good seat at the bar, get a kurobuta Wagyu teriyaki section of the menu, and have a glass of Seven Peaks wine paired with the meal!


“We’ve seen this on the news over and over lately. Nobody wants to feel that way. Nobody wants to feel like they can’t go to certain places,” Colbert said.From Jennifer Lawrence to Sir Anthony Hopkins, celebrities love this place. So do Atlanta’s most beautiful people, who air kiss their greetings before settling in for the city’s sexiest sushi experience. What should we be drinking?

As of summer 2013, this place is brand new, and always on a wait, but it's worth it. Amazingly fresh sushi with wonderful textures and flavors. Certified Kobe beef to die for. Great drink selection. (Source: foursquare.com)


Twitter users continued to point out the restaurant’s apparent “exceptions” to its very “strict” dress code by digging up photos posted by other individuals who ate at Umi Sushi. Lo and behold, some individuals were seen in these photos wearing sneakers, none of whom were black individuals. On top of that, Steve and his wife stated that they had frequented this establishment and Steve had worn sneakers there before with no prior issue. (Source: whatstrending.com)

“We love to entertain. You know people come in and eat our food and people come in and say Arshid it’s the best meal I’ve had. Nothing makes me happier and that’s why I reached out to them because it hurt my soul that these guys came for dinner and had a negative experience that evening,” Arshid said. (Source: www.wsbtv.com)



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