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Garden Flowers and Plants for Sale OR

Garden Flowers and Plants for Sale


I took a look at the calendar yesterday and realized that I had better get my tomato seeds started. An early start to planting tomatoes is essential in my garden because the heat of summer stops all tomato production. So I gathered my seeds and Starbucks coffee cups that I had been saving (along with some other household items that could also be used as plant containers). Check out the top 5 expert tips for growing tomatoes indoors.

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If you start your seeds in biodegradable toilet paper rolls, coffee sleeves, egg shells or newspaper, you can plant the seedling—container and all in your garden. Any of these containers will decompose in the soil. When using coffee cups as containers, I don’t plant them in the ground because their waxy coating will keep them from decomposing. So, I simply cut along the side of the cup and remove it before planting my seedlings.Carefully place 3 seeds in each cup, spread apart (like at the points of a triangle). Why 3 seeds? Not every seed germinates! See the table farther down this page for typic al gernmination rates, it varies from one plant to another, typically from 55% to 80%. SO, 3 seeds, pretty much ensures you will have at least one sprout. You can plant 4 or 5 seeds per cup if you have enough. And the converse is true, with larger seeds that have higher germination rates, like canteloupes, you can put only 2 seeds in each cup.

With a sharp knife or one side of a pair of sizzors, I punch a hole about 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch in each cup, NOT in the bottom, but rather about 1/3 up from the bottom, on the side, as shown in the photo. Why? This keeps the seeds from becoming waterlogged by overwatering (or a heavy rain), yet retains enough water to allow it to be asborbed by the entire container. I've been doing this for many years and found this placement works best.Whether it’s carrots that need to be started at a later date than the tomatoes or you’re succession planting to have new lettuce every week, starting seeds in cups allows you to do so without disturbing the other seedlings. Seed trays are large and often are too big for backyard gardeners. When you already have seeds germinating, and it’s time to start more, this can be a hassle. With cups, you can start seeds at different times without disturbing other plants that are already fragile seedlings. (Source: www.happysprout.com)




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