Summer of 69`

Summer of 69`

Summer of 69

Bryan Adams Song

This song by Bryan Adams, Rick Astley, and Mike Oldfield was a worldwide success. The song came out in 1987, and some of the lyrics that give context to this event include. "Now you're telling me stay and wait, you're telling me things are not so good. But this is a summer of 69" and "So, last night we had a party".

Adams Co-written with Jim Vallance in his basement studio. The song went through a number of changes because neither Adams nor Vallance. Was convinced it was a strong enough song to be featured on the album. In their first draft, the lyric "summer of '69" appeared only once. At that time the two were planning to title it "Best Days of My Life" instead. While the phrase "Best Days of My Life". Appeared seven times in the first draft, on the final draft it had been replaced by "Summer of '69". And appeared only two times throughout the song. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

Bryan Adam

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Adams liars and the swimmers at his pub knew that Roger had been secretly filming an act of heroism from below the surface. And when this summer's floods forced them all to pack up and flee, Roger stayed behind to rescue stranded dog swimming out to sea. What seems like a doomed task to most, would have been a fait accompli for the swimmers, but not for Roger who. Unlike many of his fellow Brits has never underestimated the power of the human spirit.

“Summer of ‘69” is the fourth single from Bryan Adam’s fourth album, Reckless. Written by Adams and Jim Vallance, it was originally titled “Best Days of My Life”. While “Summer of '69” does tell a story of a young man, potentially set in 1969. It was actually written about “making love in the summertime”, hence using the number “69” as a reference to sex. (Source: genius.com)


Gonna write you a little ditty about a fella by the name of Bryan, And the summer of 69.

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