How to sell music samples:

How to sell music samples:

All the musicians and singers around the world, professional or unprofessional, self-made singers, and an independent music producer or beatmaker, there are many platforms these days where one can sell beats and sample packs. One can also sell beats online and get a chance to make an income.

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To sell your sample packs, there have been many platforms. And for selling sample packs into multiple streams the music producers and sample creators have various options to sell. Nowadays selling beats online is what a sound designer prefers the most.

How to sell your sample packs:

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Whether you be one of the sound designers or music producers, and you have got a sample pack to sell and own music there are lot of popular sites to help you out. First, you need to make a goal to so that it will lead you to choose for better platforms to sell your sample packs and sound kits.

Sound design is another form from which music producers and beat makers to make income. And to sell samples and sound kits there are many platforms for one to sell. When you are ready constructing your first sound kit and sample pack, it's time for selecting best suited platform.

In the music industry, if you are the music producers looking to sell samples and beats you need to select best platform and sites. Here are some platforms and sites where one can sell sample.

Best platforms for selling sound kits and sample pack :

To promote one's sound kits worldwide, these are some of the top platforms to sell your samples. No matter what experience you have, one can sell their sound kits or song samples and can have a passive income source.

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Splice is such a marketplace for samples that is growing swiftly. Which allows a music producer, musicians, sound designers, and beat makers to browse, download desired sounds of all genres. Also allows sounds to sync anywhere, anytime with all the devices.

One can also create sounds as they wish to. It is used by music production companies, artists, and by beatmakers of bedroom creating samples of unique style. They don't just accept anybody's samples simply, rather they select only the best ones. But if you think you have got one then just go for it. And once you have your samples on splice you will be an established sound designer.

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To sell your sample packs and sound kits this is an excellent platform that can do everything. It is also a top choice for everyone to sell the beats. First, you need to set your beat a selling brand and that will take you to sell your samples and sound kits.

One who wants to increase their revenue, this is the best-suited platform. Also, one who is new beat maker, music producer, this facilitates all their requirement.


This is the most flexible platform, that just gets what you want. It lets you directly connect with SoundCloud, YouTube, Instagram, and more. Or it lest you create your own store so that you can upload your sound kits and samples there. So, most sound designers go for this.

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This is for established sound designers, where one can submit their sample packs and if got in then your sounds are ready to hit. This only allows high-quality sounds, kits, loops, vocals, and accessories that are related to this, that are just made for modern music production.


Someone who designs their own sample packs and sound kits, this platform is just meant for them. This made by sound designers itself for one of their kind itself. It takes its % based on the subscription you chose, out of your sale.

And if you are just a beginner, you can sell your samples and sound kits for free in the free trial itself.

Selling beats online

There is no website that lets you sell your beats online. hip hop, rap, and all the genres of beats can be sold on websites like GoBuyBeats, trap instrumentals, and more. One can sell beats on one existing website as well. They can also upload it on Arbit, Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, and other platforms.

These are the places where selling your music online, with different sites. These digital stores and streaming apps get your samples on sales, and with the release of your loops and tracks, as the sales increase, you start earning money. A band making music on their own can create a website and promote their album there. This way anyone who is a sound designer and musician can earn money online. This way too, one can sell their samples and sound beats in the online store available and make money.

These platforms and sites let you promote your samples. And when your samples are recognized and used by the musician or producers who come to visit these platforms in need of sounds, may like yours and thus you can sell your samples.

Sound designers using native instruments, drum kits, creating loops of quality content has greater chances of getting promoted. Being a content creator, always need to give your best as the platforms don't just accept any of the samples.

To make your sample a digital product of the best quality, one needs to use different and unique type beats to get spotted. To create samples, one must get it legalized first. Simple one can't cut from a song and upload it for sales. it must be copyright-free.

Things to consider before you sell beats online:

Key to produce one’s samples into the reputed company or to start selling them, one needs to consider many things. When creating a sample, the creator should keep in mind all the royalty and copyright things in mind.

To upload the samples and loops to the website, one must be choosing them carefully. Because they are main means of you to make money. An artist needs to create samples that customers want to hear. The site where the tracks and loops are found allows only the best ones which are in higher demand to start selling the samples.

The website in which you upload your samples gets you a brand identification. One can start a business and create a store for loops to get heard by the customers. In today's market, the thirst for music is increased day by day, and with this use of new tools and artwork by artists, it is creating a business world of its own.

How to get paid with loops stores:

Getting paid has become very easy. The platforms which sell your samples with each sale lets you get money into your account cutting off their %. Costumers always like to listen to music made with tools that are trending.

A website always gets you paid when your samples are ready to upload. Up to the point when a producer wants your samples for them to release a new piece of artwork. With each download, you get paid. Extra features matter when you let your sample download and in turn, you get money when it's liked by all.

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Download features of music samples:

After you are uploading the samples into websites and the wanted store, it's ready for download. And when it's trending and liked by the people with every view and downloads you can earn money. This also makes you promote your samples and becomes a means of passive income. This way you can sell music samples from anywhere at any time and make an earning and a side profession with each sale.


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