Caitlin stasey.

Caitlin stasey.

Caitlin stasey

Gamble, Livia (19 June 2014). "Former Neighbours star Caitlin Stasey made out to be a 'bizarre, raving, sexual lunatic'". The Sydney Morning Herald. Retrieved 7 March 2015. White, Adam (17 February 2021). "Caitlin Stasey: Former Neighbours actor reveals she will direct pornographic films". The Independent. Retrieved 18 September 2021.Former Neighbours actor Caitlin Stasey has revealed she plans to direct a series of pornographic films. Caitlin Stasey, who previously worked with Burns on his feature film “Summertime,” got the call from the actor-director in early fall that he was pitching a series with her at the forefront. The Epix series shares a lot of DNA with Burns’ earlier film; both are set in working class Long Island during the summertime in the early ’80s. And both projects focus on a group of young adults, on the precipice of true adulthood.


The thing about being an actor, too, as unfair as it is, everybody is very, very conscientious about your comfort and your safety. Your feelings and your physical self are often prioritized above all other things on set — and it’s because no one else can do your job. More than ever, you felt that sense of division between you and your crew. And usually sets are such communal places. People touch you all day. From sun up to sundown, I have about four different hands on me — tying my buttons properly, putting my hair back, trying to conceal the dark circles under my eyes — and we didn’t have that. It was sort of like a play. (Source: wwd.com)

I think the crew more than anyone struggled because they had to be wearing their personal protective equipment from sun up to sundown. [The actors] got to take our masks off to be on camera. And so yeah, it sucked — but it also sucks less than being anywhere else.In 2007 Caitlin reportedly turned down a recording contract offered to her by Tom Nichols, who did the same for another girl from 'Neighbours. Caitlin said "acting is my main passion and I wanted to concentrate my efforts on that, although most actors have that triple threat of being able to sing, dance and act." (Source: reign.fandom.com)

For a long time, Stasey’s all-purpose profile picture was a topless photograph of herself, which she used for both Twitter and the dating app Tinder. (Her entire Tinder bio: “Cum at me ladies.”) She now identifies as lesbian despite having almost exclusively dated men. She is currently in a self-described “somewhat open” relationship with Lucas Neff, an American actor. They see other women, together and separately.

“I’ve done some incredible projects I’m really proud of that I really love. But I don’t feel what I do, what we do, is important,” Stasey told me. “The Oscars, the Golden Globes, even the IF awards … I think it’s really self-aggrandising. We all sit around patting ourselves on the back, and for what? Spending millions of dollars while people are dying. It sounds incredibly hypocritical for me to continue to be an actor and to have this feeling but I see it an opportunity to talk about things that I care about. I think that’s the important thing.”

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