A cherish group

A cherish group

Cherish Group:


Life has been in a constant state of change for Cherish Group, a company that specializes in home services. Now, as the company prepares for a $1. 2 billion investment from Amazon, the company is focused on how to grow in a way that doesn’t wear it out.


In Spring 2008, Fallon and Felisha confirmed that they were working on a side project that didn't involve the other two members of the group. Under the name F+F, the girls began recording an album separate from Cherish. The fact they were working on solo projects made many fans speculate that the group was breaking up. In early 2009, a track by F+F called "Infected" was leaked online by an unknown source. This fueled the rumors of the band breaking up even more. Soon after, both Farrah and Neosha left the group, leaving just the duo of Fallon and Felisha. Not much was heard from Cherish until 2010 when Cherish released a tribute song to Haiti called The Voices Beyond. A few weeks later, the duo filmed a music video for the song "Don't Let Him Get Away" by Rasheeda, as the girls are featured on the track. On September 28, 2010, another track by F+F titled "Lights Out" was leaked online. Later in 2010, Capitol Records confirmed that the remaining members of Cherish would be releasing a new album, titled "The Breakthrough". On October 27, 2010, Fallon & Felisha did an exclusive interview with AceShowBiz, where they were asked on the status of Cherish as a group. Fallon responded by saying "Cherish is a brand and a bond that is unbreakable. We plan on having a very long career in the music industry and to definitely release more albums as a group in the near future". In mid-November 2010, music videos for both "Infected" and "Lights Out" were filmed but have yet to be released.

During this time Cherish was the only female group on select dates, as the opening act for Chris Brown's Up Close & Personal Tour, along with Ne-Yo, Lil Wayne, Julez Santana and Dem Franchize Boyz, which ran from August to October. Cherish ended up cancelling a handful of their live shows, mainly their Californian concerts, due to rumors the group was very unorganized; it was stated that Neosha was the only member in the group who was committed. Farrah's son Jayden being sick caused the group to either cancel shows or shorten their live set when she was absent. However, Cherish then embarked on a European promotional tour in November, and finished up the year with a few Jingle Jam shows in December. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


As of right now, the group has signed themselves to Capitol Records as well as Shonuff Records. The highest point in their career was from the track called Do It To It. The group mainly focuses on their vocal music and have started their band in 2003 but is still active, thus establishing themselves as one of the longest-running artists in musical history. But the thing is, Farrah King as well as Neosha Lawrence decided to leave the group shortly after they joined and moved to Atlanta. This is why we only have Fallon King along with Felisha King making music in the name of Cherish. Thus, if you are someone who is curious about what initiated this split between the sisters, then here we have mentioned all the details for you.

It was back in the spring of 2008 that Fallon and Felisha confirmed that they are both working on a side music project which does not involve their older sisters. They opted to work on this new venture by the name F+F. This was when all their fans went crazy over how the group is going to split up because the younger members are making their own music. Then in 2009, one of the unknown online sources revealed the unreleased song called Infected by F+F. This fact, in turn, gave rise to further talks about the group breaking up even more. Thus, we saw that Farrah, as well as Neosha, left the group soon after, and Cherish was left with Fallon and Felisha. (Source: otakukart.com)


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