A Car Lease Calculator:

A Car Lease Calculator:

Car Lease Calculator


Lucky for you this calculator will help you find out how much your monthly payment will be and how many years you'll need before you can own your car -- all without even having to leave home.


This calculator is a self-help tool. The information provided is for illustrative purposes only, and is not an offer to lease or lend. You must qualify for credit from a dealer/lender. Tax, title, license and other fees and finance charges are not included. For example, other fees may be imposed in addition to the down payment, and a security deposit may be required. An extra charge may be imposed at the end of the lease term if your liability (if any) is based on the difference between the residual value of the automobile and its realized value at the end of the lease term. The opportunity cost is an assumption that by using cash to purchase outright you have missed the opportunity to invest elsewhere. The opportunity cost is the calculation of an investment return if you had invested funds in a Bank Term Deposit. Interest Rate used assumes an average rate (all terms) as published by Reserve Bank of Australia http://www.rba.gov.au/statistics/.

By using our advanced search comparison tool to compare our car lease deals, it will become obvious why contract hire or leasing is often the most financially efficient way to rent a new car. Leasing and contract hire are two different terms for long term rental which essentially mean the same thing. Money factor determines the monthly interest you will pay during the term of your lease. Your dealer can provide you the information about the money factor of the car/model you want to buy. To calculate money factor, you can use two formulas:Ending the car lease early will also incur costs: although the vehicle's loss of value is spread across the lease term, the rate at which vehicles depreciate is significantly higher at the start of the lease. If you break the lease, you pay this difference retroactively. (Source: en.comparis.ch)



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