Top 10 boxers of all time

Top 10 boxers of all time

Top 10 boxers of all time

Shane Mosley, Joe Louis, Larry Holmes, Roberto Duran and Joe Ferguson are named the best fighters of all time. Rankings are supported the boys being in their prime and at the peak of their powers. These fighters are ranked against others who were great that fought within the same division. Rankings supported how these fighters did in their premier division and the way they were great against other great fighters in same division. Don't take my judgement lightly and do not worry if you do not like some fighters have too many losses or fought too long. If that were the case then Joseph Barrow Louis would be preferred.

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10. ”Sugar” Shane Mosley  

The case will be made that Shane Mosley is that the greatest lightweight that ever lived. He visited war 34 times and emerged a winner all 34 times.

Shane today has tremendous power at welterweight, as evidenced by his recent stop working of you recognize who. His power at 135 pounds could also be unmatched within the history of boxing.

Larry Merchant calls Shane the foremost physically dominant lightweight he has ever covered. I cannot go that far but the numbers don't lie.

He matches up with any lightweight who has ever laced them up, therefore he's easily one among the best fighters of all time because of the position patronage that has visited the division through out the years.

9. Larry Holmes   

The numbers that Larry amassed in boxing’s greatest division are staggering. He made 20 title defenses, second only to Joe Louis. He fought anybody and everybody while ducking nobody.

Ernie Shavers, Ken Norton, Michael Spinks, looking at his record there is really no one of any relevance who DIDN’T fight Larry Holmes in the late '70s and early '80s.

He was the ultimate tactician. The Easton assassin had the full offensive kitchen. His Jab was numbing and his straight right was about as textbook as it gets.

He is shortchanged by history due to his reign being in the wake of ALI but he is truly one of the greatest Professional prize fighters of all time.

8. Joe Louis 

I must say that i'm basing this on what he did within the ring and not his impact on America or the African-American community. If that were the case then Joseph Barrow Louis would be beloved.

The Brown Bomber was so very dominant during his reign because the champ of the globe. He shattered the parable that Jack Johnson created that a Black man couldn't be champion and be dignified. He had awesome power in both fists.

It was evident when he made Max S. shriek sort of a damsel in distress during their historic second tilt. it had been evident once you see Billy Conn evaporate after a brown-spiced combination.

He is one in every of the highest three greatest power punchers who ever lived. My only fault with him is that he gave the impression to have a suspect chin and sometimes fought all the way down to his competition.

All in all though, it doesn't get far better then Joe because of his record because the longest tenured heavyweight champion in history.

Joe Louis is thought as 'The Brown Bomber' who won 66 matches; losing 3 and 52 knock-out wins. He was a national hero for the people of America during the globe War. The heavyweight champion won the belt in 1937 and defended it a record 25 times. He also knocked out the five previous heavyweight champs, including Max Baer and Max Schmeling. The 'Brown Bomber' is widely thought to be one in all the primary black athletes to realize the status of national hero within the US.

7. Roberto Duran 

Manos de Piedra! I pontificated on whether Shane Mosley was the best lightweight of all time. However that's impossible to verify, thanks to Roberto Duran and his sustained onslaught on the lightweight division within the 70s.

Physically in his prime was the foremost punishing fighters that ever lived. He was a tornado of a fighter, overwhelming his opponents with tact and speed. He also had a gung-ho attitude that made him even more dangerous.

Man in White Crew Neck T-shirt Standing Beside Man in Black Crew Neck T-shirt

He knew a way to box, of course, but he actually preferred to fight. A high-class brawler if you'll. He really doesn't have an equal outside of Sugar within the history of this division. He was Manny before there was Manny.

His career spanned 40 years and saw him take titles in 4 different weight classes. he's already a Hall of Famer and he can rest at nighttime knowing that everybody considers him the best lightweight world champion...ever.

6. Jack Dempsey

Since this is often not a contest, I cannot rank the second hottest man in boxing history at No. 2. Instead, i might rather study him, the fighter. the person I saw on tape was a straight monster.

He also had a swagger that made his power and aggression even that far more enhanced. He was in such a big amount of words, a white Mike Tyson.

He held the title for seven years, and that i know there was inactivity during that tenure, but his dominance of the heavyweight division can not be refuted or ignored. i suppose it helps him a touch that he's the most important "butts in seats" attract boxing history.

It’s not even close. I mean just massive amounts of individuals as far because the eye can see. It is smart on reflection though. If you have got a fighter who may be a principal outside of the ring and an animal of a world champion in it, i'd pay to work out that, too.


Dempsey was one amongst the foremost popular athletes during the first 20th century. Dempsey had the primary million fights in his career and had 66 wins out of which 51 were knockout wins and he lost 6 matches. He was a wild boxer in his time with a record of 66 wins and 51 defeats. Dempsey is known for setting the best purse records and attendance. He also had three years off after initiating after his two-round slugfest with Luis Firpo. Dempsey remains an all-time great but gladiator outboxed the more aggressive Dempsey to finish his run.

5. Guglielmo Papaleo

Yes you read that incredible record correctly. The speedster from CT (YEAH QU!) was on paper the foremost dominant fighter ever during the 40's and early fifties.

"Willie Pep” was the foremost graceful and fluid of the fighters that I saw. His power and hand speed was almost breathtaking from time to time. The “Wisp” compiled over 200 victories within the featherweight division.

That is pretty hard to induce your mind around, right? Well on top of that it's speculated that he fought in even more fights then the record states.

He is the best featherweight in boxing history and therewith elegant movement that I saw when viewing his fights, I can see why such a big amount of people have told me he's the best ever.

4-Julio Cesar Chavez

Julio Cesar Estrada Chavez (108-6-2) began his career 88-0 in 1980-2005. The Mexican incorporates a record of 107 wins and 80 knockouts. Chavez was a multiple world champion in three weight divisions. He holds the record for the foremost successful defences of world titles at 27. Chavez's win streak ended with a present draw against Pernell Whitaker in 1993. The 57-year-old had gone on an 87-fight win streak before his loss to Frankie Randall in 1994.

Hola, boxing fans. it's been a dark half-moon of the year in terms of sports and with our heroes falling like dominos it's always nice to manufacture some nostalgia and good debate.

The agenda today, ladies and gents, is that the age-old debate of just who is that the greatest. it's very difficult as I revealed to call the best fighter of all time because of an array of interesting factors.

I initially wanted to try to to a bit on the No. 1 fighter all time pound for pound but after doing my research I concluded that so as to off set the problem of naming one man i've got reformed my initial Plan and can now name the highest 10 greatest fighters of all time.

3. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

I would assume i would hear some music over this selection. However anyone that will argue is letting this personal bias get within the way of the facts.

Again I sat there on a Saturday recently and watched hours upon hours of tape and that i had trouble finding even three fighters who had the physical talents of FMJ.

It is very difficult to search out someone who has more PURE talent then FMJ. he's not a reader of a way to win friends and influence people but that doesn't give of these people the proper to discout his merit.

Floyd Mayweather opted for mismatches in his late 20s. His "money" years almost exclusively involved meetings with rivals at ideal times. Mayweather may have beaten his peers at their best, but repeatedly refusing to check himself. Mayweather would rank higher were he not fixated on his unbeaten record, and his failure to try and do so dings him historically. Mayweather's best-ever record is his 50-0 record with three victories from two super welterweight fights, including Diego Corrales and Jose Luis Castillo.

2. Muhammad Ali

What am i able to say? he's the undisputed peoples champion. In his prime before the draft and name change he was a real work of art. At 6 foot three he has the movement of a dancer, the peak of a two guard, the ability of a heavyweight but the skill tact and speed of a lightweight Middleweight.

His boxing skills are hard to match. He utilized the jab to dimensions not since visited and he also knew where to hit you hence the second Liston fight. He won the title three different times and took on anyone that stepped up.

Muhammad Ali died on June 2, 2016, with a respiratory disorder. He had a record of a complete of 56 wins out of which 37 were knock-out wins in his career. the most effective boxer within the world all-time had only 5 losses in his professional career. He was outspoken, exciting, exciting and an undefeated boxing champion in his time. The image of Ali standing over a battered Sonny Liston is one amongst sport's most iconic and his Thrilla in Manila convince Joe Frazier in 1975 the foremost famous boxing fight ever.

1. Sugar Ray Robinson 

I present to you the Greatest Pound for Pound fighter that ever lived. Never mind the fact that he won titles at lightweight and light heavyweight. It’s more due to his service in the welterweight division.

A smooth as ice Prizefighter with super duper talent, the dimensions to his skill set were without limits. I saw him throw every kind of punch the craft can possibly allow. I saw glide across the canvas with ease and land those speed-of-sound accurate shots.

He was the total Package and while Many others can claim that same notion, few have demonstrated it and none if any have done it like this man.

If God, whoever you believe him to be, could create the ultimate fighting machine this is exactly the product that he would pop out. I wish I would have seen his pugilistic wheelhouse, I wish I could have seen the music that was his fighting style.

I saw it on tape, but in person, I am sure it was even more impressive. He is the greatest fighter of all time and I now know for sure.

Thanks, boxing fans. I hope my rankings were up to the task. I will get at you guys soon, I am going to leave you guys with some random thoughts, be well!


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