Mot Future Stars Basketball

Mot Future Stars Basketball

Mot Future Stars Basketball


Mot Future Stars is a non-profit organization whose mission is to create an opportunity for disadvantaged children to have an experience of achievement and a source of hope, instilling in these children a sense of determination, courage, and self-worth.


We strive to provide athletes with a highly disciplined, focused, competitive, and fun-filled environment in which players learn the value of setting goals, working hard and achieving. The vigorous and fair coaching style is founded on constructive criticism and praise. We believe that this is most effective in instruction as well as preparation for diverse coaching styles. EXPECTATIONS We value and respect every individual and take an interest in the player's development in basketball and as a person. Our expectations of players include, but are not limited to effort, commitment to attend practice and games, and utmost respect for coaches, referees, parents, teammates and themselves. We also expect parents to encourage and respect the development of their athletes and teammates as well as the coaches efforts to teach the players. FOCUS ON COMPETITIVE FUN We believe that the primary reason children play sports is to learn to work together for a common goal while at the same time having fun. We will strive to push each player to their limits. We focus on skill development and competing to have fun.

Our leagues are based on fairness, fun and competition. Our goal is to teach players the game and compete to their fullest potential. We believe in hard work and fun. Here at M.O.T Future Stars you will be coached and trained by elite coaching staff. We are confident that all players can achieve his/her own maximum potential while maintaining excellent character and integrity. We are not just a program that runs leagues, we are a program that builds relationships and creates memories for the player and family. We focus on individual player development as well as team concepts. M.O.T. Future Stars is dedicated to empowering athletes by teaching them to lead, listen, communicate, and make smart decisions. We are the premier basketball training center in M.O.T area! Our Concepts: DEVELOPMENT (Source: mot-future-stars.business.site)



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