Grete Å adeiko

Grete Å adeiko

Grete Šadeiko

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10 Things You Didn't Know About Grete Sadeiko Griffin

tvovermind.com)When Grete Sadeiko Griffin was growing up in her home country of Estonia, it’s unlikely she knew she’d one day become the wife of an NFL quarterback whose name is well-known in households across the country. She didn’t know she’d be a football wife, but she did know she’d grow up to become an athlete in her own life. She’s been a heptathlete her entire life. For those who are unfamiliar with the term heptathlete, it is what someone is called when they compete in a heptathlon. Per Wikipedia, a heptathlon is, “a track and field combined events made up of seven events,” and the events are separated into a men’s version and a women’s version. She’s taken part in this type of athletic event her entire life, and she’s more than a little good. However, in America, people know her as an athlete’s wife. She’s married to Baltimore Raven’s quarterback Robert Griffin III, and it’s time people get to know her for who she is rather than who her husband is.

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Grete Šadeiko is an Estonian heptathlete who starred for Florida State in track and field. She is the wife of NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III and the mother of a daughter. She is also a proud ambassador of her country, Estonia, at the 2010 Junior Championships. She’s also competed in the European U23 Championships and other international competitions.

Who Is Grete Šadeiko?

Grete was born to Deivi Šadeiko on May 29, 1993, under the sign of Gemini. She is of Estonian origins belonging to the white ethnic group. She spent her childhood in Türi, Estonia, with her older sister Grit Šadeiko. Šadeiko’s mother and sister are also heptathletes, so she comes from a sporting family. Her older sister had participated in the 2012 Olympic Games, as said before. She also graduated from high school at Turi Uhisgumnaasium. However, in the fall of 2012, she went to the United States to pursue her further education and graduated from Florida University’s ‘psychology’ program.

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You may have heard about the sports javelin, high jump, long jump, shot put, sprint and the 800-meter race, but only very few know these events are also parts of a single sport; heptathlon. The heptathlon is usually a two-day sporting event basically consisting of seven events, three of which are races; 200M and 800M sprints, as well as a 100M, hurdles event. More so, it involves high jump, shot put, javelin throw and long jump. Those who participate in the heptathlon are expected to master all of these sports in great detail and to deliver on both track and field. Some athletes have successfully carved out a niche for themselves in this space, one of those being the Estonian Heptathlete, Grete Šadeiko. (Source: wiki.projecttopics.org)



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