Why Millions of Followers are Cooking With Brenda Gantt

Why Millions of Followers are Cooking With Brenda Gantt

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“No wonder people don’t like to cook if the mess in the kitchen is so horrendous!” says Brenda. And to those who harp on measurements, Brenda says, “God gave us five senses for a reason!”

When and how did your love for cooking begin?

I love to eat. I like to eat good food and different foods. My mother was a superb cook. the flavour was so good you may hardly stop eating. She made me stay within the kitchen together with her to stir and relief, so I learned from my mother. As an example, once I was a toddler, I didn’t like cheese. But Mother kept making macaroni and cheese on behalf of me over the years. Eventually, I came to love it. Today, if the kid doesn’t like something once, such a big amount of young mothers will never cook it again. i think we must always be cooking and eating a spread of foods.

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Did your green thumb come from your mother, too?

That really came from my daddy. that they had a farm down in Pickens County, Alabama, (near Spring Hill) until the day they died. that they had big fields of peas and butter beans and okra patches. we might go there within the mornings really early and pick the crops, and so we'd spread them out on sheets on the basement floor in order that they wouldn’t bear a “heat” that ruins them. George, my late husband, and that i kept a garden together, and that i still love gardening.

Cooking with Brenda GanttGantt Brenda invites you on a journey through every recipe. From start to end, you see it all — tip, tricks, flops, and mess-ups. For homemade fried pie, “Wet your dough on one side so it acts sort of a glue as you press it and [it] binds the dough together!” Image: Instagram

How did “Cooking With Brenda Gantt grow to be so huge in less than a year?

I am very surprised by it. It really was the work of the Lord. I never planned it. i used to be just trying to assist people cook. You’ve got an entire generation here in America that’s having a tough time cooking from what I call “scratch.” In other words, not using recipes or measuring. i believe they feel afraid. They’ve got these really big nice beautiful kitchens with countertops and stainless-steel appliances. I feel sorry them! They’ve need to venture out to induce good food, and that i want to assist change that.

So, you’re really trying to empower people to feel comfortable in their kitchens.

Oh yes. You’ve got such a lot of single people and dealing mothers who once they sink in don’t have the time or energy to be dragging out of these pots and pans. If you've got children in ballet and ball, that generation now's having a bit trouble getting supper fixed. they solely want to create something easy, but they require it delicious. in the future I showed them the way to do one single pork chop with smothered fried onions — delicious. And it had been one pan!

Who is viewing your videos the most?

The older generation is watching me the foremost, but I’m gaining more and more adolescents on a daily basis. The newlyweds and also the younger people are asking numerous questions. The older generation’s comments are more like, “Yes, I try this the identical way!” or, “I add so-and-s0.” But they’re also learning new skills like the way to string celery. I didn’t realize people don’t understand how to try to to this stuff I’ve been doing my whole life!


Does it ever become daunting having to interact with so many fans?

Yes, it is daunting because my nature is that I want to help. Sometimes I will get 11,000 comments on one video. I am really proud of the young people who write in with their questions. If I am not able to answer some questions before I’ve moved on to the next video, I have noticed that my more mature audience is filling up the gaps and answering the questions for the younger people. And they’re getting them right!


What about this venture brings you joy?

I wish that I had time to satisfy and greet everyone, but it brings me such a lot joy after they write in and say, “I just made my first pan of biscuits. it absolutely was delicious, and that i have a contented family.” It’s empowering. It lifts their spirits and their confidence. It’s also a awfully money-saving thing. It’s amazing what proportion money you'll save [cooking].cooking with brenda ganttBrenda says a typical misconception about Southern cooking is that everything is fried. “It’s warmer outside here, so we get out and grill plenty. we've got the Low-Country Boil. We eat an incredible amount of vegetables. It’s not all fried food!” she says.

How do you decide what to cook?

Three things — whatever I’m craving, whatever is on the point of go bad in my refrigerator, and requests from followers, which, surprisingly, are basic, simple things like, “rice that isn’t sticky!”

You have so many aprons! How do you pick which one to wear?

You just wouldn’t believe what number i've got. The aprons you see within the videos have all been given to me by followers. I attempt to wear a distinct one in every video, and that i choose it supported my outfit that day. It’s such a joy to receive of these aprons.Cooking with Brenda GanttCooking with Brenda GanttOne of Brenda’s best tips for entertaining? “Always fix the salad and therefore the dessert the day before, and set the table the night before. That way you have got time to go to along with your guests on the day of your gathering.”

What’s something people are often surprised to learn about you?

They are surprised that I come on Facebook with no makeup (sometimes i've got on makeup). I don’t edit anything out of my videos. If my cornbread sticks or I damage, I allow them to see it. i would like them to determine that i'm not perfect and they’re not perfect, but it’s all gonna be alright within the end. such a lot of people on Facebook try and make this perfect, but life’s not perfect. I just have a phone sitting on a stand.

You run a bed and breakfast, too. What else do you do in your spare time?

Yes, I run The Cottle House in Andalusia, Alabama. It’s a stunning old 1905 home that we redid and truly moved to our property. I cook for the guests there every morning. Yesterday I cooked for 14; today it absolutely was eight. they need a very big breakfast. I do fried pies or fried dumplings, and a giant pan of biscuits and scrambled eggs. I always do cheese grits, juice and occasional.

I also like to paint, especially Christmas ornaments and birds. I love to plant and root flowers and shrubbery. And I like to spend time with my grandchildren when my children aren’t around!

What’s the best piece of advice you have received and from whom?

Be faithful yourself. i purchase that from my Facebook followers. They don’t want me to mold to be like other cooks on TV. Secondly, my family tells me all the time, “It’s all gonna be alright.” simply because things don’t go a specific way, God encompasses a plan. I also hear God’s word. I realize daily that i'm loved by the daddy, and that i know that I don’t have anything to fret about. [Brenda laughs] I should put those in a very different order: God’s first, family’s next, Facebook’s third.

Besides faith, friends, and family, name three things you couldn’t live without.

  • The first is physical touch. The pandemic showed us how tough life was without hugs.
  • The second is being outside in nature. The wind blowing against my skin, the sun shining on my face, the gorgeous things that I see with my eyes — I couldn’t live without it.
  • Third is communication with others. We were made with a desire to be with others.

Thanks for the beautiful chat, Brenda, and for sharing most flavor and love with the planet. To cook with Brenda Gantt, follow her on Facebook and Instagram. you'll also preorder her cookbook, It’s Gonna Be Good, Y’all, at brendaganttbook.com. All photos submitted by Brenda Gantt unless otherwise noted.

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