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Lee Norris is an independent artist and self-described diversity maven. His primary medium of expression are burlesque performances that explore the intersection of sexuality, political correctness, and social satire. It was this style of performance that eventually led to the title of his first full-length book, The Meaty Part. Norris opened a performance space in Brooklyn in 2016.

He played Stuart Minkus on Boy Meets World (1993) in the earlier younger episodes. His character was written out as the show progressed, but Lee returned for the graduation episode four years later. Saying that the reason he disappeared was because his classes were "on the other side of the hall." (Source: girlmeetsworld.fandom.com)


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Stuart has been friends for years and Lee joined the tour of the coffee shop where he works.

Lee Michael Norris is familiar to audiences since the age of 9, Norris made his television debut in "The Torkelsons,". Followed by "Almost Home" and "Boy Meets World," where he quickly became a fan favorite as Stuart Minkus. Other television appearances include "October Road," "Dawson's Creek" and Telefilms' "Any Place But Home,". "A Step Toward Tomorrow," "A Mother's Instinct" and "Hope," directed by Goldie Hawn. Norris' film credits include David Fincher's critically acclaimed thriller "Zodiac," and the forthcoming true-story drama "Blood Done Sign My Name."Norris is a graduate of Wake Forest University and splits his time between Los Angeles and Wilmington, North Carolina. Where " One Tree Hill" is filmed. (Source: onetreehill.fandom.com)



Lee Norris is a well-known American actor of Hollywood, advertising, and American and British cinema. This celebrity is considered to be the most awarded living actor in the world. And the first one in history to win 11 Academy Awards for consecutive years consecutively. Lee Norris was also the president of the Academy of Motion Pictures and Arts and Sciences, a very important institution in America. Lee Norris was born in Bristol, a county in the south of England and is the son of a miner.

Lee Norris, otherwise known as "Marvin "Mouth" McFadden", ended up having a rather happy ending by the end of the series, One Tree Hill. What has Norris been up to since the hit high-school series? Let's find out! (Source: www.allvipp.com)



Norris is a tree planted by Stuarts' in the world. When Stuart was born, the tree was just budding like an anxious teenager. But by Stuart`s thirtieth birthday, it was a glorious forest of giants. The idea that "if you need a friend, plant one" was a simple one. But it ended up with Stuart becoming acquaintances with the tree.

After starring in all 9 seasons of One Tree Hill, Lee Norris had minor roles in a few TV shows, namely The Walking Dead. He then made a comeback for the Boy Meets World spin-off series, Girl Meets World from 2014-2017. (Source: www.allvipp.com)




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