Key Facts About a Road Trip From Miami to Key West

Key Facts About a Road Trip From Miami to Key West

Key Facts About a Road Trip From Miami to Key West

Miami to Key West road trip map

Visiting the Florida Keys by car is an exhilarating experience. Even though the Florida Keys are situated on the U.S. mainland, they can still be considered an out of the way destination for many travelers. A road trip from Miami to Key West may be a great way to explore the Keys. However, before you start planning your trip, it is important to understand some key facts.

Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum

The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum is one of the most popular places to visit in Key West. The house, built in 1851, is the birthplace of the world-famous author and his wife, Pauline. They lived here from 1931 to 1940. It is now a museum highlighting the history of the Key West Lighthouse and Key West. Guests can climb the 88 steps to the top of the lighthouse, and enjoy a view of the island.

You can also explore the Everglades, which is a unique part of the United States. This area features more than two million acres of wetlands, rivers, lakes, and mangroves. This is home to a plethora of different species. During your Miami to Key West road trip, you can explore this area by boat. You can even take an alligator airboat tour, which is a truly nerve-wracking experience.

The drive from Miami to Key West is a beautiful one, dotted with blue beaches and gorgeous green trees. You can stop at several places along the way and see fascinating sites. The list of stops along the way is extensive and includes some of the best places to visit in South Florida.

From Miami to Key West, a road trip along the Overseas Highway is a classic American road trip. You'll pass 42 bridges as you travel along this scenic route. It takes about four hours to get from Miami to Key West and the scenery is spectacular. On the way, you'll find beautiful beaches, alfresco dining, and three national parks. And don't forget to take the time to watch the sunset - the best view in the USA is from Key West.

Biscayne National Park

If you're planning a road trip to Biscayne National Park, you'll want to start at the visitors center, which is filled with interpretive exhibits. From here, you can take an island tour or climb the historic lighthouse in Boca Chita. Biscayne National Park is mostly water, and you'll be spending much of your time on the water.

If you don't want to rent a car to get around the area, you can explore Biscayne National Park by kayak. This is the most environmentally friendly way to explore this park. During your kayak trip, you'll have the chance to explore the mangrove shoreline and see a variety of marine life.

The Maritime Heritage Trail offers opportunities to snorkel and explore shipwrecks. You can visit up to five wrecks within Biscayne National Park. The wrecks are from a variety of eras and types of ships. If you're looking for a more adventurous way to explore Biscayne National Park, reef cruises are an excellent option. You'll get to see more than 320 kinds of fish and other animals, including cormorants, spiny lobsters, and shrimp.

Another great place to visit while in Biscayne is the Everglades National Park, another big wetland in Florida. This park is only about an hour's drive from downtown Miami. This park is home to manatees, alligators, and panthers. You can explore the park's ecosystem by kayak or by airboat. You'll want to pack a mask if you plan to do any water activities.

Duval Street

Taking a road trip from Miami to Key West is a great way to experience the best of the Florida Keys. This southernmost city of the United States lies just 90 miles from Cuba and is only four hours away. The scenic Overseas Highway winds through the area, crossing 42 bridges along the way. Once you reach the key islands, you'll find plenty of activities and attractions to make your stay memorable.

If history is your thing, then make sure to visit the Ernest Hemingway house, the second oldest in the Keys, and the Southernmost Point, which marks the southernmost point in the continental United States. The No Name Pub is another popular drinking spot, and was founded in the 1980s. It is known for its "money falls from the sky" theme.

After a day of touring the island, you can head to Duval Street, the main drag of Key West. This mile-long street is filled with small bars and old Victorian mansions, some of which feature live music. The nightlife in Key West is truly something to experience! Famous bars include The Green Parrot, Sloppy Joe's, and Garden of Eden. Another great place to eat is Bagatelle Restaurant, which is located in an old building along Duval. The local hogfish is served here, and the pineapple salsa is a great accompaniment.

Another great place to stay near Duval Street is the Almond Tree Inn. If you're on a budget, you can also try the Blue Marlin Motel. Whether you're on a road trip from Miami or Key West, you're sure to find the best accommodations for your needs.

Dolphin Research Center

The Dolphin Research Center is located six miles from the Turtle Hospital, which is home to more than 1500 sea turtles. Both are protected species. You can take pictures of these marine mammals, but you can only use floatable, waterproof cameras. You must also refrain from using cell phones or drones in the water and on the program trays.

The Dolphin Research Center is a wonderful place to visit if you love dolphins and are interested in the preservation of the species. It has theater performances, swimming sessions with dolphins, and other research activities. You can spend a day at the center or take a tour of the facility. There are even opportunities to take a picnic lunch.

The Dolphin Research Center is open daily from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The cost to visit is approximately 28 USD per person and will allow you to see the dolphins. However, you will not be allowed to touch the animals. Dolphins are mammals in the whale family and are between one and four meters long. The largest dolphin is the killer whale, but there are around 40 species of dolphins. The Dolphin Research Center is home to 25 bottlenose dolphins and one atlantic spotted dolphin.

If you have ever been to the Keys, you've probably heard of the Dolphin Research Center. It is a building situated on Overseas Highway, near the Silver Palm Marine and Grassy Key Marina. If you're looking for a day out of town, the Dolphin Research Center is a great place to visit.

Marathon Wild Bird Center

The Marathon Wild Bird Center has been in operation since 1995, starting in the back of a car. Since then, it has rescued over 22,000 birds. Its main goal is to rehabilitate and release the birds. The birds that aren't able to be released usually find a home in sanctuaries throughout the Keys. The center has one full-time employee and a dedicated team of volunteers. In 2016, it rescued 846 birds.

The Man's Natural Hazards can pose a serious threat to birds. As a result, rescuing these animals is important to their survival. The Center specializes in rehabilitating these rescued birds. Visitors can make a donation to help these rescued creatures. In addition, they can also learn about the different types of birds that live in the area.

Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters

Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters is a must-see attraction on your Miami to Key West road trip map. This marine conservation center rescues and rehabilitates sea turtles. Visitors can tour the hospital and learn about the different types of sea turtles and how to care for them. There are also opportunities for snorkeling. Tours are $30 per person and benefit the Turtle Hospital.

If you're an ocean lover, you'll love the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, which covers nearly two thousand square miles. If you're a certified diver, you can also visit the sunken USS Spiegel Grove, which is home to a coral reef that is home to hundreds of species. Key Largo is also a world-class snorkeling destination. You'll also want to take the African Queen for a canal cruise or a dinner cruise. This boat also offers round-trip transportation from Pilot House Marina to your destination.

After enjoying Florida's tropical scenery, you can visit one of the state parks, including Long Key State Park. There, you can view prehistoric coral reefs and take in stunning views of the turquoise water below. You can also drive across the Seven Mile Bridge, one of the most beautiful bridges in the country. The park also boasts Fred the Tree, an Australian pine tree that grew on the Old Seven Mile Bridge that parallels the new bridge.

Another must-see on the Miami to Key West road trip map is Coral Castle. This unique attraction is located 30 minutes from the Miami zoo and about an hour from North Miami / Miami Beach. The Coral Castle is a unique coral castle built from coral stones. The structure features no definite rooms and no roof, making it an open-air castle. It was built by a Swedish American.

Places to Stop on a Florida Keys Road Trip!

Places to Stop on a Florida Keys Road Trip

There are many great places to stop on your Florida Keys road trip. The Keys have several state parks. Most of them offer camping. Unfortunately, in the winter months, it can be difficult to find camping spaces. However, many parks do offer great hiking and biking trails. One park even has a shallow beach area. If you're looking to camp in the Keys, consider visiting Long Key State Park at Mile Marker 67.5.

Key West Lighthouse

If you're going on a Florida Keys road trip, don't miss the Key West Lighthouse. It's a historic structure that was first built in 1873. It has a black lantern and sits 136 feet above sea level. Though the lighthouse is no longer in use, it is still a popular tourist attraction. You can see it from the road or even rent a boat to snorkel around it.

Another must-see spot is the Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum, which is on the same block as the Key West Lighthouse. This is where he lived during his time in the town. While living in Key West, he wrote several books, including A Farewell to Arms, Green Hills of Africa, Snows of Kilijaljaro, and To Have and Not.

For more things to do in Key West, check out the many state parks and seafood restaurants. You can also try snorkeling and a day trip to Dry Tortugas National Park. The lighthouse is one of the most famous sights in Key West. While here, you can also take part in a sunset celebration at Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park. If you're looking for a place to stay in Key West, the Hyatt Centric Key West Resort & Spa offers many amenities for your stay. There's a pool, tennis courts, and pet friendly options.

Key Largo is the largest of the Florida Keys and is 30 miles long. It's also home to the first underwater park in the country, which protects the island's coral formations. Snorkeling and glass bottom boat tours are just a few of the activities that you can do while visiting this park.

Blue Heaven in Bahama Village neighborhood

Blue Heaven is a restaurant in the historic Bahama Village neighborhood of the Florida Keys. It features indoor and outdoor dining with live music. The menu combines American, Caribbean, and vegetarian cuisine. The restaurant has been entertaining islanders for nearly a century. During the slow season, the restaurant closes for a few weeks. While it's a tourist hotspot, locals also enjoy the restaurant's food and entertainment.

Bahama Village is a popular neighborhood with plenty of fun restaurants. It covers an area of 16 blocks and is home to a decorative arch that serves as the symbolic entrance. Homeowners in this neighborhood often use tropical plants as accents, and many feature outdoor gardens. The area is also known for its music, which is primarily driven by the gumbe drum.

Located at the heart of the Bahama Village market, Blue Heaven is an oasis of culture and visual distinction. This historic district boasts colorfully painted homes and a friendly attitude. Visitors will find exotic scents and unusual wares and souvenirs in the town's shops. A visit to Blue Heaven offers an eclectic mix of food, souvenirs, and Caribbean art.

The Blue Heaven cafe is located in a historic building that used to be a bordello. Ernest Hemingway even held a boxing match in this building. It now serves fine American food. A tropical outdoor dining area is also available. The restaurant features live music and cats.

Biscayne Bay National Park

Located near Miami, Biscayne Bay National Park has many attractions for visitors. Among the most popular activities here are boating, snorkeling, and fishing. There are also 12 miles of trails that will give you the opportunity to enjoy nature at its best. The park is easily accessible from Miami by car or rental car.

The park's visitor center has rotating exhibits that are inspired by the natural history and wildlife of South Florida. Visitors should take time to appreciate the beautiful artwork displayed here. While the visitor center offers a wonderful view of Biscayne Bay National Park, the best way to experience it is from the water. If you'd like to get a closer look, you can book a tour with the park's institute.

The park is free to visit and offers year-round accessibility. Admission is free, but be sure to book a tour in advance because tours are popular. The park is unique in that 95% of its land mass is under water. The only other places where this happens are the Dry Tortugas in the Florida Keys, the Channel Islands in California, and a few parks in Hawaii.

Visitors can launch kayaks and paddleboards from the visitor center's parking area. From there, they can paddle out into the intracoastal waterway and explore the longest mangrove forest in eastern Florida. There, visitors can view iguanas and fish, and they can spot turtles and small sharks.

If you're on a road trip through the Florida Keys, you can stop by Biscayne Bay National Park on the way to Key West. The 165-mile trip takes about three hours and 30 minutes. Highlighted sights along the way include Biscayne Bay National Park, Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, and Grassy Key.

Key Largo's John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

One of the must-see attractions in Key Largo is John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. It's the first underwater park in the United States and is a prime snorkeling and diving destination. The park has abundant land space for beach activities and a massive 70 nautical square miles of underwater area.

Key Largo is an underrated Florida Keys destination. It's a short drive from the mainland and is home to one of the country's best snorkeling spots. The water here is shallow and surrounded by mangrove forests and salt marshes. While you're here, you might also want to rent a kayak or stand-up paddle-board, explore the mangrove trails, and take in the view of the crystal clear waters.

Another must-see on a Florida Keys road trip is Bahia Honda State Park. This state park is a great place for a picnic. It is also home to the critically endangered Key Deer. This subspecies of the white-tailed deer is the smallest in North America, and their numbers were reduced to a few dozen in the 1950s. Luckily, the park protects the animals and their habitats. Visiting this state park during a Florida Keys road trip is an added bonus for nature lovers and photographers alike.

Whether you're visiting the park for a family outing or a romantic getaway, it's an unforgettable experience. You'll find a number of activities, including fishing and boating, which are ideal for the whole family.

Florida Keys Brewing Company

If you're planning a road trip to the Florida Keys, you may be wondering where to stop. The Keys have a rich history and natural beauty that makes them a great destination for road trips. The area is also a great place to see art, including sculptures and murals. You may want to check out the giant lobster in Islamorada or stop at the Rain Barrel Village to see some art.

When you're planning a road trip to the Florida Keys, keep a few important places in mind. Some are off the beaten path, but worth the stop. Some are even on the water, so you can enjoy the scenery while you dine. Key Largo is the 'Dive Capital of the World' and is an ideal place for water sports. It's also a great place to get some fresh seafood.

For a unique experience, try the local cuisine. You can also enjoy some beer. At the Florida Keys Brewing Company, you can sample craft brews and try local fare. The bar offers a fun and relaxed atmosphere for people of all ages. You can try a local craft beer, enjoy a delicious meal, and play games such as giant Jenga and corn hole. You'll also be able to try some of the area's famous key lime pies.

The Keys are made up of a chain of small islands in the Gulf of Mexico. They begin south of Miami and extend south to Key West. A road connects many of the islands, with the last connecting with the mainland by the Miami Dade/Monroe County Line. The climate in the Keys is temperate all year.

9 Fun Stops During a Miami to Key West Road Trip

The Seven Mile Bridge is one of the most iconic stops on a Miami to Key West road trip. The bridge connects the small islands of Little Duck Key and Knight's Key and features beautiful blue water on either side. There are pullouts on either side of the bridge where you can get a close look at the colorful fish and other marine creatures. You can also spot dolphins and stingrays in the waters.

Robbie's Marina

When planning your trip to the Florida Keys, it's a great idea to plan a stop at Robbie's Marina. It's a popular destination for tourists. One of its biggest draws is the opportunity to hand-feed tarpon, which are five-foot-long silver fish with huge mouths. It's also a great place to stop for some tasty seafood, and you can also try the signature Trailer Trash Bloody Mary.

The marina is located on Lower Matecumbe Key. It has many options for water activities, such as parasailing and fishing excursions. It also has an outdoor market and a restaurant. The restaurant is famous for its tarpon feeding, which started after the owner found a wounded tarpon.

The road to Key West is about 100 miles long, and there are numerous great places to stop along the way. Stops along the way include the African Queen riverboat, a Hollywood landmark. You'll also find Big Betsy, the giant lobster, and the Theatre of the Sea.

Another great destination during a Miami to Key West Road Trip is Robbie's Marina, where you can rent a boat or go kite-surfing. The water sports are fun, and the restaurants and shops are right on the water. Enjoy the sunset and a nice meal while you're there.

Southernmost Point

A Miami to Key West road trip can be completed in a single day, but the attractions are worth spending at least a couple of nights. The best time to visit is between December and June, which is not hurricane season. Otherwise, late Summer and early Fall are unpredictable, and you may have to brave swollen crowds.

The final 30 miles of this road trip are less exciting. You'll pass tiki bars and RV resorts, but you'll also find a charming museum in Key West called the Ernest Hemingway House. The house is the former home of renowned writer Ernest Hemingway, and many of the cats in the house are descendants of his cats.

When visiting Southernmost Point, make sure to plan enough time to take pictures, since it is often very busy. It's a great place to take pictures with your camera, and you'll find plenty of people willing to take pictures of you. If you're feeling shy, don't be shy - many of them will pose for pictures and share them with other visitors.

Besides visiting the Southernmost Point, you should also visit the Everglades, the world's largest wetlands. This 20,202-km2 area is home to a variety of different wildlife, including tons of gators. Taking a tour of this area is a great way to experience a true Florida Keys vacation.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

If you are looking for a great place to stay while on a Miami to Key West Road Trip, consider a stay at the luxurious Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. This museum captures the extravagance of the European Renaissance in a unique setting. The estate, which was once owned by the prolific industrialist James Deering, features extensive Italian Renaissance gardens and a native hardwood hammock. Its design draws from Veneto Italian Renaissance models, but it also incorporates modern technology.

To get to Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, take a bus from Key Biscayne. The ride should take around thirteen minutes and costs anywhere from $1 to $3. You can even purchase your tickets online. The best time to visit Key West is during the shoulder season, when temperatures are warm and humidity levels are low and there is less traffic and prices are lower.

Once you arrive in Miami, be sure to spend some time exploring the Wynwood Art District, which is known for its vibrant nightlife. But after a long night of fun, you may want to unwind in an oasis of calm and relaxation. In addition to the city's historic neighborhoods, Miami offers many attractions, from museums and art galleries to restaurants and beaches.

If you have time to spare, you might also want to visit the Coral Castle Museum, which is kind of quirky but worth the stop on your Miami to Key West Road Trip. It's a huge stone castle that was built by a single man and took about 30 years to complete. Located a half hour north of the zoo, it's worth a stop.

Fruit stand

If you're looking for something different to do on a Miami to Key West road trip, consider stopping at Robert's Fruit Stand. This iconic Key West attraction has been around since the 1950s. It was opened by Robert's Dad, a farmer who set up a roadside table to sell cucumbers. Today, it is a fruit mecca and a popular tourist destination. It has everything you could want from a fruit stand, including a kids' play area and live music.

While traveling from Miami to Key West, be sure to eat and drink local fare. The Overseas Highway has many popular places to eat, and many are iconic. Key lime pie, conch fritters, milkshakes, ice creams, and chocolates are just a few of the popular foods you'll find along the way. If you're craving a real treat, stop at a local fruit stand or a restaurant serving key lime desserts.

You'll also want to stop by Robert's Here, which has been in business for over 50 years. Not only will you find fresh and delicious tropical fruit, but you can also purchase homemade key lime pies and key lime milkshakes. While you're there, you should also make time for the famous conch fritters at Alabama Jacks.

Another unique place to stop in on your Miami to Key West road trip is the Shark Valley Road, which is accessible by tram or bike. It's also home to a rehabilitation center for sea turtles. Another popular attraction is the Dolphin Research Center, which allows you to interact with dolphins and porpoises.

Florida Keys Brewing Company

A road trip in the Florida Keys can include snorkeling, dining, shopping, and more. The trip can be completed in a single day, or spread over several days. The entire trip is only about 200 miles, and there are plenty of activities to keep you busy.

In Islamorada, you can enjoy a beer at the Florida Keys Brewing Company. This microbrewery is the first of its kind in the Upper Keys, and offers seasonal craft brews made with local ingredients. The place has a casual, fun vibe, making it the perfect place to unwind after a day of road-tripping.

Taking a road trip from Miami to Key West is a unique experience. You'll be driving along the Overseas Highway, a four-lane highway with 2 northbound lanes and two southbound lanes. The average speed limit is 40 mph. There are plenty of scenic viewpoints, fun places to grab a beer, and charming towns to explore along the way.

A road trip in the Florida Keys is an excellent way to see the sights and culture of this beautiful part of the country. You'll drive through beautiful landscapes, pass over 42 bridges, and take in a few fun stops along the way. The destination is fabled Key West.

Hemingway House

While on your Miami to Key West Road Trip, don't miss visiting the Ernest Hemingway House. This iconic Key West home was once the home of the famous author, who spent two years here before moving to Cuba. While living there, Hemingway developed an affinity for deep sea sport fishing. Today, you can visit the home, see the furniture from the author's era, and learn about the author's life.

Hemingway House is one of the most popular attractions in Key West. The house was restored by Hemingway in 1931 and he and his wife Pauline Hemingway lived there for a decade. He and Pauline Hemingway met in Key West and stayed at the Trev-Mor Hotel, which was built in 1919.

The Hemingway House is also home to a museum and exhibit about Hemingway's life and works. The museum features personal memorabilia and art. Temporary exhibits are also regularly held. You can view Guy Harvey's 59 original pen-and-ink drawings inspired by the author's famous novel, "The Old Man and the Sea." This museum is a must-see for any Miami to Key West Road Trip.

The Hemingway House is an interesting stop on your Key West Road Trip. You can also see the famous writer's house, a free-standing carriage house, and dozens of cats. The Hemingway House is also famous for its cats, which are half polydactyl. Many of the cats are named after famous people, including Hemingway.

Florida Keys Stops Stays Map

Miami to Key West Drive Florida Keys Stops  Stays  Map

Robert's is one of our favorite stops on the Miami to Key West drive

Robert's is a Homestead staple and one of our favorite stops along the way to Key West. It's equal parts market, mini-zoo, and milkshake stand. The famous Key lime milkshake is a must-try, and you can also find homemade sauces, jellies, and honey.

If you're planning to drive from Miami to Key West, you'll need to make time to see the most famous sights along the way. The Seven Mile Bridge is a spectacular landmark to take in and is the longest bridge in the Keys. It connects Knight's Key and Little Duck Key, and is surrounded by gorgeous blue water and mangrove islands. There are pull-offs on both sides of the bridge for views of all kinds of sea life, including dolphins and stingrays.

If you have time, make sure to stop for a tropical fruit shake at Robert's on the Overseas Highway. This stop is an ideal place for families looking for a fun beach day. It's located in a nice area with shady palm trees and a concession stand. This location is also easily accessible from hotels.

While on your Miami to Key West drive, you can visit the Florida Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. The center houses injured birds and is donation-based. Afterwards, you can eat at Mrs. Mac's Kitchen, which is the best restaurant in Key Largo.

Baker's Cay resort

The Baker's Cay Resort is one of the best luxury resorts in the Florida Keys. The resort features plenty of activities, unique services and delicious dining options. You can also take advantage of the resort's business center and full-service spa.

The Baker's Cay Resort offers one or two-bedroom suites. All feature premium furnishings and amenities, including kitchenettes, dining areas, and private terraces that overlook the water. The Baker's Cay resort also has two swimming pools.

The Baker's Cay resort is located on the Miami-Key West Drive, a scenic drive that passes through the Florida Keys. It's only an hour from Miami and offers a relaxed and luxurious stay. You can also visit the Laura Quinn Wild Bird Sanctuary and observe over 100 resident and rescued birds. This attraction is a must-see for anyone who loves wildlife and nature. The Keys are a short drive away from Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Key West is the largest town in the Florida Keys. It marks the southern end of the chain. The city is home to vibrant nightlife, water sports, and other activities. Biking through the Old Town area is a great way to get a feel for the city. The city center is lined with classic Victorian homes and charming bungalows.

When taking the Miami to Key West Drive, remember to keep an eye out for restrooms along the way. State parks and convenience stores along the way offer restrooms. You'll need to pay an entrance fee to enter them. You can also stop at state parks to explore the history and nature of the area.

Laura Quinn Wild Bird Sanctuary

If you're planning a trip to the Florida Keys, consider visiting the Laura Quinn Wild Bird Sanctuary. This is a 365-day-a-year sanctuary where you can see and learn about a variety of birds. The cost is reasonable, and children are welcome. The facility offers a gift shop and educational center.

If you're planning a road trip to the Florida Keys, there are many great places to stop along the way. Many of the islands are home to famous historic sites and fancy shops. You can even find some great restaurants and bars. The beaches are stunning, and you can catch the sunset at Mallory Square, which is located on the water. There are also a number of cool cafes and restaurants in Old Town.

Once you've made your selections, you can begin your journey to Key West. The road map is divided into sections, each marked with Mile Markers, which tell you the distance between destinations. For example, if you're driving north from Miami, you can look for Mile Marker 0 at mile marker 47 and then continue to mile marker 48. You'll find that address numbers get smaller the closer you get to Mile Mark 0 and Key West. The Kona Kai Resort Gallery & Botanic Gardens, for example, has an address of 97802 Overseas Hwy.

While the journey from Miami to Key West is less than two hundred miles, it packs a lot into a relatively short distance. It includes three national parks, a wildlife sanctuary, and beaches, as well as plenty of places to relax and grab a drink. If you're planning to spend a night or two in Key West, you'll want to make your reservation at the hotel first and check in later.

Dolphin Research Center

When planning your trip to the Florida Keys, you might consider visiting the Dolphin Research Center. This nonprofit organization works to provide care and a home to injured sea turtles. It also works to educate visitors about dolphins and their habitats. This is a good stop for families with young children.

The Dolphin Research Center is located in Marathon, near the Courtyard by Marriott Marathon. Rooms at this hotel are equipped with amenities such as a microwave, coffeemaker, small refrigerator, desk, private bathroom, and hairdryer. The hotel also has a fitness center and a restaurant called The Bistro.

Another interesting stop on the Miami to Key West drive is the Coral Castle. This coral-stone castle is about an hour's drive from the Miami zoo area. This coral castle features no definite rooms or roof, but it does have an open-air design that allows visitors to get close to the animals.

If you're planning a trip to the Florida Keys, you'll want to know when the most popular seasons are. The busiest months are the cold winter months, when people from northern states flock to the region. However, you can avoid these peak seasons to enjoy a more affordable vacation.

Another tip for planning your trip to the Florida Keys is to check out the Overseas Highway. This scenic road connects the mainland to the islands of the archipelago. The route can take up to 4 hours if you don't stop, so it's essential to plan your trip accordingly.

Key Largo canals

The drive from Miami to Key West is one of the most scenic drives in the state. You'll see breathtaking scenes of pristine turquoise waters, leafy mangrove trees, and tucked-away fishing piers along the way. The drive also offers a wide variety of accommodations and restaurants, making it a popular choice for Florida vacations.

Whether you're looking for a luxury retreat, a romantic getaway, or an adventurous activity, you'll want to explore this island chain. Key Largo is a great base for a Miami to Key West road trip. Located near the island of Islamorada, it is great for snorkeling, boating, and diving. There are also several glass-bottom tours you can take, so you can see the underwater world up close.

Whether you're a novice snorkeler or a seasoned diver, Key Largo is the place to go. It's home to one of the largest artificial reefs in the world, and the town also has a wealth of nature preserves and parks. Whether you're planning to spend your day snorkeling or exploring the mangrove forests, Key Largo is a must-see during your Miami to Key West road trip.

Once you've made the decision to visit the Florida Keys, you'll have a detailed plan of where to stop and where to stay. While the road trip from Miami to Key West is not long, it's not short on attractions. You can stop at the Turtle Hospital, a beautiful state park, or a famous sunset party. Alternatively, you can take a sunset catamaran or snorkel tour, or explore the island's culinary scene. Don't forget to snap some pictures at the Southernmost Point.

Everglades National Park

If you are a nature lover, the Everglades are the perfect place to spend your days. This 20-square-kilometer area is filled with marshes, swamps, rivers, lakes and mangroves and is home to loads of different species. It's the perfect spot for a sunrise or sunset stroll, as well as a thrilling alligator airboat ride!

The road to Key West is lined with food stops, and over half of them serve delicious local cuisine. Local favorites include key lime pie, conch fritters, key lime milkshakes, ice cream, and chocolates. You'll also want to stop at the Blond Giraffe Key Lime Factory, which sits right off Mile Marker 92.2. You can enjoy a pie in its secret garden roadside or get one to go for a quick snack.

Driving from Miami to Key West is one of the most picturesque drives in the US. The route will take you from Miami to Key West through a tropical landscape. You'll be able to see state parks, marine reserves, and a thriving artists colony. Depending on traffic, the trip will take anywhere from four to five hours. The road is still two-lane, so make sure to allow plenty of time for the drive. You'll also be able to take in the breathtaking views along the way.

From Miami to Key West, it takes approximately four hours to drive without stopping. If you don't plan to stop, you'll be able to enjoy a day-long drive through the Florida Keys, but if you want to stop for lunch or dinner, the drive may take you as long as seven hours without any rest stops. For this reason, the trip should be done over two to three days.

How to Get From Miami to Key West, Florida

Whats the earliest departure time from Miami to Key West

There are many ways to get from Miami to Key West. Some of these options include flights, Greyhound lines, and the Florida Overseas Highway. You can also take a bus or a ride-sharing service. If you are flying in from Miami, you should take into consideration the traffic, which is heavy in the city during rush hours.

Greyhound Lines

There are many ways to get from Miami to Key West, Florida. One of the most convenient ways to get to Key West is by taking the bus. There are three different routes: the North Route, the South Route, and the Duval Loop. Buses travel on the North Route every 30 minutes, while buses on the South Route and Duval Loop run every 15 minutes.

If you're planning to travel from Miami to Key West, consider purchasing tickets in advance. Purchasing tickets well ahead of time can ensure you get a seat. Remember that bus schedules may vary, and you may need to wait until the last minute to board the bus.

If you're planning on traveling by bus, you should take a look at the schedule and the price. While it can be a little more expensive than flying, bus tickets are much more affordable. If you're trying to find the cheapest tickets, check out Moovit. This popular transit app makes riding the bus easy.

Another alternative is taking a day trip to Key West. The earliest departure time from Miami to Key West is around 6 am, and the trip can take up to 13 hours. It's a three-plus hour drive on an overseas highway and includes a trip across the historic Seven Mile Bridge, one of the world's longest.

While you're on your way to Key West, you can stop and enjoy the scenic beauty along the way. The US1 Highway, also known as the Overseas Highway, is one of the best ways to get from Miami to Key West. Whether you choose a bus or drive, you'll enjoy scenic vistas and great places to stop along the way.

Florida Overseas Highway

Taking a Florida Overseas Highway road trip is an incredible way to see some of the country's most stunning scenery. The scenic route follows the former Florida East Coast Railroad trail south from Miami to Key West. You can reach Key West in less than four hours and spend the day enjoying the natural beauty.

It's best to plan ahead of time so you can avoid traffic during peak hours. The Florida Overseas Highway is not a two-lane road, so traffic can build up over the course of several hours. To avoid the worst traffic, leave early or late in the day and avoid the rush hour. Taking advantage of the daytime hours will help reduce the traffic and keep the cost of your trip down.

One of the most picturesque portions of the Overseas Highway is the Seven Mile Bridge, which connects Knight's Key in the Middle Keys with Little Duck Key in the Lower Keys. The bridge has been the subject of numerous films about the keys, and offers spectacular views of turquoise waters. As well as being the only road to Key West, the Seven Mile Bridge is one of the most iconic parts of the Florida Overseas Highway.

While traveling on the Florida Overseas Highway, it's wise to plan to spend some time in Miami before leaving. The city's beaches, Cuban community, famous street Calle Ocho, and vibrant nightlife are all worth a visit. If you have time, consider renting a boat before leaving Miami. You'll also want to get a restful night's sleep before beginning your road trip.

Taking a Florida Overseas Highway road trip is an excellent way to see the Keys. The 113-mile road journey takes you through mangrove islands and fishing villages. The Overseas Highway also has a unique wildlife sanctuary. You can take a dolphin feeding experience to get a closer look at the beautiful creatures that live there. You can also visit the Florida Keys Wild Bird Center at mile 93.6 on the Overseas Highway to learn more about these wonderful birds.

Flights from Miami International Airport to Key West International Airport

You can travel from Miami to Key West on a variety of airlines, but one airline flies direct between the two cities. Miami and Key West both have one airport and only a single airline that operates flights from Miami to Key West. The Miami to Key West flight is operated by American Airlines and has four flights per day. The flight departs Miami at 1:45 PM and arrives in Key West at 5:50 PM PST.

Usually, flights between the two cities are expensive, so it is important to shop around. However, there are times of year when prices are lower. If you're traveling during the holidays, you should avoid booking during December and January. In April and May, flights to Key West tend to be less expensive than during the busy holiday seasons.

If you're traveling from Miami, you'll want to take I-95 south to Florida State Road 836. From there, you'll want to take the Florida Turnpike south. From here, you'll reach US-1 and Mile Marker 0 in Key West.

If you're traveling by air, you'll need to book your flight well in advance. There are 5 airlines that offer direct flights between Miami and Key West. On average, there are two flights each day, and these flights typically last for one hour and 50 minutes. American Airlines, Silver Airways, and Linear Air Taxi all have flexible cancellation policies.

There are also buses that go from Miami to Key West. They're a good choice for those who don't want to spend a fortune on taxis or Ubers. However, these routes can get crowded during rush hours.

Business class flights

If you want to fly in style and comfort, there are numerous airlines that offer flights to Key West. United and Delta are two popular options and both offer daily flights. Depending on the airline you choose, you can choose to fly in Business class or first class. You can even choose to fly from Miami Executive Airport, located 35 miles southwest of the city, which is a short taxi ride from Miami International Airport.

If you want to travel in style, book your ticket online with an airline that offers cashback options. There are plenty of ways to get cheap tickets online, and the best part is that most of them are completely hassle-free. For instance, Cleartrip's easy-to-use interface ensures that you'll get your tickets in no time at all. You can also use the company's customer service and PNR status check to make your travel as convenient and as stress-free as possible.

If you're looking to get to Key West as early as possible, consider taking a flight from Miami. The fastest direct flight from Miami to Key West will take around 58 minutes. This flight will take you 126 miles (203 km) and will land at the airport at about 11:20PM.

In addition to JetBlue's new Miami service, the airline will also begin service to Key West. Flights depart on Thursdays and Fridays, and on Sundays and Mondays. JetBlue has also recently announced that it will begin flights to Guatemala City beginning April 15.

There are several ways to upgrade to business class. First, check if you qualify for an upgrade before you book. If you're eligible, you should book a flight that offers a discount for upgrade. In addition, some airlines will offer upgrades for a limited period before departure. You can check the availability of upgrades by calling the airline or checking in online.

Bus service

If you want to visit Key West, but don't want to take a plane, you can travel by bus from Miami to Key West. Tickets for the trip usually range from $29 to $36. The travel time is approximately three hours, and buses leave from Miami every day. Depending on your schedule, you may want to book your ticket in advance in order to save money.

Bus service from Miami to Key West provides travelers with the opportunity to experience the best of Key West in style. Most of these buses have narrated tours that are complemented by water activities. There are seven scheduled departures daily from Miami to Key West. The cheapest one-way adult ticket is available for 23 dollars. The fastest bus travels the distance in three and a half hours.

You can find the best deals on tickets for the Miami to Key West route by booking well in advance. If you purchase your tickets closer to the time of departure, the prices will go up. Generally, the best time to buy tickets is 90 days prior to travel. By booking your ticket early, you will be able to secure the best seats on the bus.

The bus trip from Miami to Key West takes approximately four and a half hours and covers about 170 miles. The bus service departs from Downtown Miami and stops at Key West. Holiday schedules can affect travel times. If you're planning to visit Key West during the holidays, it's best to book your ticket early to guarantee a seat on the bus.

Cheap Flights From Miami to Key West From 102 MIA

Cheap Flights from Miami to Key West from 102  MIA

Jetcost compares flights from Miami to Key West

Jetcost is an online travel company that compares flights from Miami to Key West from all major airports. This service lets you choose the airport closest to your destination and then browse the offers that are available. Jetcost also helps you choose the best deal on a flight by letting you define the characteristics of your trip.

The cheapest flights from Miami to Key West are usually available in September. In this month, you can often find tickets for around $289. In contrast, June can have prices as high as $391. You can also save up to 51% by flying at noon instead of evening.

There are 5 airlines that operate flights from Miami to Key West, with 2 non-stop flights per day. The flights take about 0h 50 min. Depending on the airline you choose, you can choose flexible cancellation policies. American Airlines, Silver Airways, and Linear Air Taxi all offer flexible cancellation policies.

Duval Street is the epicenter of Key West's famous party atmosphere

If you're planning a trip to Key West, the epicenter of this town's party scene is Duval Street. This street has an excellent selection of bars, restaurants, and shopping options and is an easy place to start and end your Key West vacation. In addition to being a lively hub for local parties, Duval Street also has a diverse population. You can walk down the street and find drag queens, leather daddies, and families with children.

You can sample the famous Key lime pie at Kermit's Key Lime Pie Shoppe, which is located at 802 Duval Street. This shop was founded more than 20 years ago and has established a solid reputation for its delicious Key lime creations. It has even received national recognition as one of the top key lime pie spots in the country. Kermit's also sells other delicious Key lime products, including cookies, taffy, olive oil, and salsa.

Car rental is available at both airports

Car rental services are available at both Miami and Key West airports. For those arriving at either airport, they should make sure they know how to get to the rental center. Luckily, both airports have rental car centers located right inside the terminals, so there's no need to wait for a shuttle. There are several car rental companies in the airport, including Avis, Enterprise, and Hertz.

When renting a car in Key West, it is best to rent a car with GPS. The city's narrow streets and cul-de-sacs can make driving difficult without a GPS. Also, the roads are filled with cyclists and pedestrians, so you should be aware of your surroundings when driving.

Miami is known for its beaches, but the city also has much to offer visitors. Its historic MiMo district is known for its architecture, and Little Havana and Coconut Grove are known for their unique vibes.

Iberia established a hub in Miami in 1992

In 1992, Iberia became the first foreign airline to establish a hub in the United States. This allowed Iberia to serve the Miami airport as a connecting point for Latin American destinations. The airline flies two jumbo jets to Miami daily, offering connections to cities throughout Latin America. However, since the September 11th attacks, traffic was slow and new airport controls forced the airline to rethink its strategy.

Iberia faced competition from American carriers and reorganized its corporate management. The airline also trimmed its workforce to reduce costs and increase profits. The company was also committed to improving its connections to the Latin American market. The company's strategic plan, dubbed Pta 760 billion, set a goal of generating US$56 billion in profits by 1996. The strategy was based on several assumptions about future growth and air traffic.

However, the airline had a rough time during the 1990s. It was hampered by several strikes, including one that took place in November 1995. As a result, the airline posted a Pta 45 billion loss in 1995. Nevertheless, the company's management eventually agreed to a restructuring plan that preserved pilot jobs and imposed a two-year pay freeze.


If you're searching for cheap flights to Key West, you'll want to take advantage of Avianca's special offers. Its flight prices in the past 7 days were $559 for a round-trip ticket and $297 for one-way tickets. However, these prices are subject to change and availability. If you're flying to Key West on a tight budget, you might want to check the availability of other airlines.

There are many benefits to booking your flight through Avianca. You can choose from a wide range of options for class, dates, and baggage. You can also check-in online or at the airport kiosk counter. You'll receive your boarding pass about 45 minutes before departure.

Avianca also offers flexible cancellation policies. If your flight is canceled within 24 hours of departure, you can request a refund. The refund will be issued back to the original source of payment. However, you may have to wait 7-10 days for the refund to show up.

Laura Quinn Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Tavernier is a world-class snorkeling and diving destination

Cheap Flights from Miami to Key West from MIA start at just $560 roundtrip. This is a popular destination for vacationers as it's a one-hour drive away from Miami. If you love wildlife, this destination is a must-see. You can visit the Laura Quinn Wild Bird Sanctuary, which is home to over 100 rescued and resident birds. It's a great place for bird-lovers and the perfect day trip for a family.

Flights from Miami to Key West are often the cheapest in September, with prices typically hovering around $289 for the month. However, June is also a great time to visit the area, although it can be expensive. Getting flexible with dates and times is another way to save money on airfare. Try to avoid flights that leave at night, which tend to be the most expensive. Flying during the day can save you up to 51% in airfare.


If you're looking for a cheap flight from Miami to Key West, you've come to the right place. We've compiled a list of the cheapest flights to Key West from Miami Intl., starting at just $161 one-way and $294 round-trip. Prices are subject to availability and may vary based on the time of year.

Iberia, a Spanish airline, first established a hub in Miami in 1992. The airline operated DC-9 aircraft that served Latin America and the Caribbean. The new service took advantage of a bilateral aviation agreement between the United States and Spain. At the time, Miami International Airport had very limited international connections, and there were plans to build an international connecting corridor between the six concourses.

The cheapest month to fly to Key West from Miami is September, with flight prices hovering around $289. However, prices can be higher in June, which is why you should plan your trip accordingly. You can also save money by being flexible in your flight time. Flights during the evening tend to be the most expensive. Opt for flights in the middle of the day instead, which can save you up to 51%.

Frontier Airlines

If you are planning a trip to Key West, FL, you may be wondering how to find cheap flights. The good news is that you can find cheap flights to Key West starting at just $47. The Florida Keys are a popular vacation destination and have been attracting tourists and travelers for decades. The island is known for its fantastic water sports, great beaches, and excellent dining.

If you're interested in a cheap flight to Key West, try Frontier Airlines. They offer direct flights from Cincinnati, Ohio to Orlando, Florida. Though Cincinnati is technically located in Kentucky, it is an important gateway to the Midwest. Florida, on the other hand, is considered lush and has presidential retreats like Mar-a-Lago. If you're looking for an affordable flight, you'll be glad to know that Florida is a popular tourist destination because it's home to many outdoor activities.

To make your flight more affordable, consider using an online travel site such as Orbitz. This website lets you compare different airlines and flights by date, price, and more. You can choose the airline and time that work best for you.


When it comes to a flight from Miami to Key West, there are many cheap flights available. Typically, the price range for a one-way trip to Key West is $161, but you can find flights for much less. One-way tickets are available for as little as $230. Prices and availability are subject to change.

First, you must book your flight. You can choose from five different airlines to fly from Miami to Key West. Nonstop flights take about 0h 50m. American Airlines, Silver Airways, and Linear Air Taxi all have flexible cancellation policies. If you need to cancel your trip, you can always use your airline's cancellation policy to find a cheaper flight.

The Miami airport is a major hub for American Airlines, and it serves a number of international destinations. Avianca, Frontier Airlines, and LATAM all have bases here.

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