Jane Hawking

Jane Hawking

Jane Hawking


Jane Beryl Wilde Hawking Jones (born 29 March 1944) is an English author and teacher. She was married to Stephen Hawking for 30 years and has one daughter. After their divorce, she wrote a book on her experiences, with the title The Grand Passion.

Jane Hawk


That 'given what's gone on' could take in any number of things from the 40 years since the events the film describes. It could refer to ways in which that early romance eventually hardened into something complicated and angry. It could include a reference to the acrimonious separation and divorce that followed, when Stephen left to live with his nurse, now his second wife, Elaine Mason, and Jane married her choirmaster and long-time family friend Jonathan Hellyer Jones. But specifically it seems an allusion to the recent months of headlines and anxiety that have focused on the police investigation into alleged mistreatment of Hawking, who was left out in the sun in his wheelchair on the hottest day of last summer, suffering severe sunstroke to add to the cuts and bruises reported by nursing staff. In January Jane Hawking was saying: 'The police can't be allowed to drop the investigation.' Last week, though, the police dropped the case, moved apparently by Stephen Hawking's refusal to make any complaint. The nurses who made the allegations are no longer employed by the scientist and his wife. And Jane Hawking, who seems slightly in a state of shock about the turn of events, is quietly adamant, 'for legal reasons', that she does not want to go over that ground at all in this interview, so we sit in her conservatory and talk about that bit of time past.

www.theguardian.com)A few weeks ago a little package of time past was posted through the door of Jane Hawking's neat detached house on the edge of Cambridge. It contained a video of the BBC's forthcoming dramatisation of the courtship and marriage of Jane and her first husband Stephen Hawking in 1963, when sexual intercourse had just been invented. She had been involved in the early stages of making the film, which is based in part on her book about their marriage, but still so far she has only managed to 'watch a few bits of it'. She can't, she says, quite bring herself to sit through the whole thing, 'given what's gone on'. (Source:



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