Full Guide to Epic Books Unlimited Books for Kids

Full Guide to Epic Books Unlimited Books for Kids

Many parents find it hard to uncover how they will be managing screen time for their kids. We all know that digitalization and technology have become a new source of information for every kid. You can also find a book to read online or let them know about the definition of articles on different websites and sell your work. Many kids and parents find it quite challenging to balance reading time and screen time. Epic book, an app, comes into existence with its unlimited book collection for kids, which can be beneficial for educational purposes.

 Epic Books for


Epic Books:

Epic Books

Epic books are not only an app, but it's an E-book library for your kids. For your kids whose age is 12+, the Epic book is suitable for them. The epic book has got 10,0000 high-quality kids books in its database. eBook library for kids 12 and under with unlimited access to over 10,000 high-quality kids books.

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The epic book has got two versions of it. You can get instant access to thousands of great kids books. The App can easily access both versions. you can also get Epic books for young adults.

How to use the UnlimitedBooks for Kids- Epic! for Beginners:

1.     The first thing you need to do is Install Epic from Playstore on your phone.

2.     Open Playstore and search for Epic! Unlimited Books for Kids.

3.     Tap on Install.

4.     Follow the instructions that pop up on your screen. 

5.     Now open Epic App. It will be of a blue icon in your App drawer. It might be on your home screen as well.

6.     Now after opening the App, Tap on “Educators” in the bottom right.

7.     Now here you can enter in your school credentials and Tap on Next.

8.     If you are a teacher, you can create your free teacher's account, and then you will have to enter your School's name and address.

9.     Follow the instructions on your screen to create your classroom.

10.  You can also bring in your Google classroom account to sign in to Epic.

11.  Once your classroom is designed, you can now use a unique code from the top right corner. Students can also use this code to sign in when using Epic on different devices.

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KEY FEATURES of Epic book:

·       Epic book has got 25,000 books and learning videos added to the App every week. 

·       An incredible app has got some calm Audiobooks, "read-to-me" books, Spanish books, Chinese books, Quizzes, and learning videos.

·       Have the ability to provide you with the latest personalized recommendations for each child, focusing on their interest and reading level.

·       A great feature of online and offline reading is in epic App. If you are traveling to a place where there is no internet, you can have a good book along with you. Anywhere, anytime.

·       The epic book has got a reading log track with which you can determine how much time you have spent reading on a daily or weekly basis.

·       An email is sent every week to parents to let them know about their children's latest reads.

·       You can quickly get access to Epic book on almost any device.

·       Free 30 days trial and after $7.99/ a month.

·       Epic is the leading digital library for kids. For the iTunes account, confirmation of purchase will be done before payment is charged. 

·       User can easily manage their subscriptions and can turn off renewal.

In any case, if the user has not read any unused portion of a free trial period, this will be forfeited when the user purchases a new subscription to Epic Book App!

If you are an amazon member or love shopping from Amazon, you can get your favorite book leads for free; you can also borrow one ebook for a month from amazon. Epic book app is great for bookworms and people who love to read exciting reads.

An Epic Parent's Review:

My Kids range from super reader to struggling reader, and they all enjoy reading books on Epic."

“Epic Parent”


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