demon slayer characters

demon slayer characters


This demonic looking monster is the icon for one of the most influential aspects of my book "The Seven Crucial Lines of Communication" and the overall premise of my article and the book. Demon slayers are the latest in generation for the wise hero who, when the time comes in folklore, literally stabs the demon right in the heart with the hero’s sword and cuts out the demon’s heart though this is fictional.



Anime original characters, they are a grandmother and granddaughter pair who are bento sellers at a train station. They meet Kyojuro during his early investigation of the Mugen Train incident and are saved by him from a demon that emerged from the Mugen Train while it was in repairs. Many years ago, Tomi and her daughter (Fuku's mother) were saved by Kyojuro's father, Shinjuro from a demon, an incident which the former recalled after noticing the similarities between Kyojuro and Shinjuro's fighting style. They are later shown to be the people who sold the bentos which Kyojuro eats on the Mugen Train.

However, "Demon Slayer” treats those bouts of impossible feats as more than just a generic anime trope, like when a character screams for multiple episodes to power up or continuously spams special moves. The show instead looks at a person's (or demon's) desires, work ethic, and overall personality in conjunction with their physical potential when considering the question of their strength. With that framework, it's easy to spot the six strongest surviving characters. While there are no explicit spoilers in the rankings below, it might be safer to browse this list after having caught up with the latest events. (Source: www.looper.com)


As shown in the Mugen Train Arc, many of the other entities' Blood Demon Arts, including that of the Upper Ranks, have little or no effect on her. While Tanjiro and his fellow Demon Slayers are drawn into a deep sleep due to the demon Enmu's spell, Nezuko is able to remain awake and plays a pivotal role in helping the others wake up later on in the arc. That combination of demon-targeting attacks and stronger resistance to Blood Demon Arts puts Nezuko at a larger advantage against demons when compared to most standard members of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Akaza was the surprise enemy of the Mugen Train Arc, coming in quickly and providing a challenge to Tanjiro, his newly introduced mentor Rengoku, and the rest of the group. Moving past the dream-inducing powers of Enmu, Akaza is an example of raw physical strength and martial prowess. Between inhuman force, rapid regeneration, and the benefit of extended life to refine his martial arts, Akaza is the best example of dedication propelling a person's strength beyond just physical power levels. He is a dark reflection of what makes the Hashira and the laser-focused Demon Slayers so dangerous. (Source: www.looper.com)




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