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Over the years we have been met by our share of terrifying and majestic moments, including crazy situations like diving into shark frenzies… but, they don’t come close to the dangerous beauty we faced inside Florida’s caves. Before entering these caves, we worked through three days of tireless training, and learned a valuable lesson or two. First and foremost, cave diving is not the same as diving in an ocean and it turns out, that experience can actually work against you in caves. Come along with us on this heart pounding experience for a behind the scenes look at our series, including what went right… and what went wrong.We’re on a platform in Merritt’s Mill Pond near Marianna. Six or seven springs here, highlighted by Jackson Big Blue, attract cave divers from around the world. The pond was created by damming their spring run; I kayaked the cypress lined reservoir on my last visit here. On the other side of the dam flows Spring Creek, a popular tubing destination that flows into the Chipola River. This is one of Jackson County’s favorite outdoor playgrounds.Andrew’s faculty advisor is collecting amphipods and isopods in a cave below us. The cave is called Hole in the Wall, taking its name from an above ground cave from which a vulture and her two chicks watch us with interest. Here in Jackson County, Tom and Andrew have recently discovered a new species of cave amphipod, Crangonyx manubrium. It’s one of a string of discoveries made by the Groundwater Biodiversity Lab* at Florida A&M University that are rewriting what we know about life in the Floridan Aquifer.

Andrew and Tom are finding creatures at opposite ends of the evolutionary spectrum. Both in the cave and on the surface of the pond bed, they are finding amphipods in the Crangonyx genus. The ancestors of the cave Crangonyx were surface dwellers who, at some distant point in the past, found themselves in this dark, food-limited environment. Over hundreds of thousands- possibly millions- of years, successive generations began to lose their eyes, and their color. Eventually, the blind, all white Crangonyx became a distinct species. We’ll cover this process in more depth later in this post. Welcome to Man Cave Miami, the solution to your Residential and Commercial needs. Our aim is simple, to find you the best technology for your Home Theater or Home Audio setup without the confusion and frustration of doing it alone. We realize selecting the right Electronic Systems Components for your home or business is a challenge. The wrong choice will stay with you long after the installation is complete, with an audio/video, entertainment or control system that is not easy to use. At Man Cave Miami we have the experience and time to research and compare competing products and bring you the best performers at every price level. Our setup is designed to guide you through the decision making process of building or upgrading your Home Theater or any type of Home Automation. We are confident that we can find the right equipment, technology and sound for your budget. With that in mind, we welcome you to our Home Theaters showrooms which allow our customers to see, hear and learn about the many options when it comes to home theater, home automation and media integration. We are dedicated to providing our clients with well-trained, qualified staff competent of performing the most complicated projects under tight time constraints with little to no interruption to your home or business. We feel our work is above the industry standard and our 100% client satisfaction rating is due solely to our friendly, dependable and extremely helpful staff. What more can we say we pride ourselves with what is most important, our clients. (Source: www.houzz.com)



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