Dirty Blonde Hair

Dirty Blonde Hair

Dirty Blonde Hair


Dirty Blonde Hair

A woman with dirty blonde hair is wearing some kind of tee and navy sweatpants. Her hair looks in desperate need of shampoo and her house is in even worse shape. And yet, she smiles brightly as if she is having a lot of fun. The lighting in the room is in a poor condition, but the subject still looks very attractive. What does this woman say about life and what does this woman mean to the viewer?

According to hair colorists, a dishwater blonde hair color will be unique to each person, making it a flattering color that looks good on anyone. Dirty blonde color traditionally weaves together various dark and light hues of blonde hair. The color is carefully chosen to fit each person’s unique, natural shade. Whether you have a light, medium, dark blonde, or even a brunette base, you can get a pretty dirty blonde hair color. (Source: therighthairstyles.com)


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No, a purple shampoo won’t lighten dirty blonde hair. What it will do is neutralize brassy tones, so locks don’t lose their cool or neutral finish. In fact, it’s a must in every blonde’s hair care kit, so recommend your clients take INVIGO Cool Blonde Color Refreshing Shampoo home from their appointment, and apply it for five minutes if hair starts to veer too warm. (Source: blog.wella.com)

Blonde Color

Even if you have the darkest, blackest hair in the world, blonde streaks still show. That’s why you need to care for your hair and dye it regularly. This helps your blonde look much cleaner and brighter.

Get a natural face-brightening effect by adding strategically placed highlights in a honey blonde hue. Add a thin layer of honey highlights on the surface of your hair to naturally blend into your darker brown hair or blonde for an all-over, flattering, sunkissed look. (Source: therighthairstyles.com)


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