Juicy little women atlanta

Juicy little women atlanta

Juicy little women atlanta

In 2004, a group of six daring women from the hottest rival clubs from around the world, gathered together on a mission that would change their lives and provide a blueprint on how a woman can rule her own life. They co-founded Juicy little women atlanta which was a grand total of $8,000.


In the very first episode, she bragged about knowing big rappers as well as upcoming ones on the block. She later went ahead to host a twerking contest and in one of the episodes crashed the birthday party of her enemy (later turned into her frenemy), the late Ms Minnie, who was celebrating with the rest of the cast and her best friend Monie.

Ms. Juicy also became an executive producer on “Little Women: Atlanta.” “I just try to lead by example,” Ms. Juicy said. “This season, by me becoming executive producer, it was important to show them that we are young Black women. We are young women. We are in charge. We are bosses,” she said. She added a round of praise for her cast mates. (Source: atlantablackstar.com)


“Little Women: Atlanta” recently returned to Lifetime for a sixth season, showcasing the ups and downs of the women as they navigate life. But two of the show’s stars, Shirlene “Ms. Juicy” Pearson and Tiffany “Monie” Cashette, hope to clear up the misconceptions that plague them because of their height. Four-foot Ms. Juicy and 4-foot-6 Monie told Atlanta Black Star they don’t want sympathy because of their stature.

“I left the morning show because I’d been there 13 years and I wanted to move on to something bigger and better,” Ms. Juicy explained. The bigger and better for Ms. Juicy includes a co-hosting gig on ReecRadio, and a new acting project coming up with Lifetime that she was tightlipped about but excited for. She’s also venturing into the fashion industry “I launched my eyeglass wear Eminence Eyewear by Juicy,” she said. “I’m never not working. I’m constantly keeping busy and continue to build my empire.” (Source: atlantablackstar.com)

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