Funny Resume

Funny Resume

Funny Resume

Job seekers will be flipping through their resumés and having a tough time building a good resume if they don’t pay attention. In this report, we discuss some style mistakes that will make your resume. We offer some smart tips for changing your approach to your resume so that it's easier for employers to find your value and read what you have to offer.


Create a heckin’ great meme using Spark Post’s photos of all the goodest doggos in the world. Or, in other words, if you want to put a smile on someone’s face, then paws what you’re doing and make a dog meme! Read More.

How can you make a more effective resume? Easy! – All you need is a clear and comprehensive resume design. To achieve this, use a simple, yet professional font such as Calibri or Helvetica, select a font size between 11 – 12, and use bold/italic font faces to help guide the reader in reading your resume. Make good use of graphics, bullets, and symbols to bring attention to the key parts or phrases in your CV that need to be highlighted. And lastly, the use of wide-margins, headings, and subheadings will give your resume a logical format that is easier to follow. (Source: en.mycvfactory.com)


Unfortunately, these applicants barely even make it past the starting line. Whether they're completely clueless, kidding, or have simply abandoned all hope of ever finding a job, they all have one thing in common. They have failed miserably at the application process, offering up these creepy introductions to their would-be employers. And if you find it hard to believe that anyone could actually send out a job application looking like this, then prepare to have your mind blown by 40 Facts So Funny They're Hard to Believe.

The Funny resume uses a clean and simple design to perfectly present all your qualifcations in a very well-structured lay out. This simple resume template uses the colors of blue and white, which perfectly with each other, making each section clear and easy-to-read. Applicants who have a solid set of skills and experienced will greatly benefit from this CV as all relevant content is clearly written out. Get that dream job and choose the Funny Resume! (Source: en.mycvfactory.com)


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