A Pain Meme

A Pain Meme

Pain Meme

Pain is inevitable. But if you don’t work to eliminate it, it can quickly become suffering, which is harmful to your mental, physical and emotional health. That’s why you need to take care of your body, mind and spirit.


Now my life has changed dramatically. People ask me to talk about my story, to demonstrate the power of memes. A football website flew me to England to make a video about Manchester City; I got to tour the ground and watch them play a Champions League game. The German mail-order giant Otto flew me out to make commercials for them. The Hungarian hard rock band Cloud 9+ have a song called Hide The Pain, with me in the video. I’m the face of Totum, the British discount card run by the National Union of Students – they got me to wear a bucket hat. I’ve even given a TED talk.

Arató then looked himself up on Google Images and saw photos of himself as a doctor, coming from a hospital's homepage. A few months after, he looked himself up again and discovered more photos, including one of his face pasted on all four faces of Mount Rushmore. These were the early stages of an Internet meme. At first, Arató was unhappy about people adding funny text to his photos, stating he was not really a "funny guy". Arató realised he did similar things while he was in school, like drawing on pictures in his course books of the Hungarian poet John Arany, making him look like a pirate. He stated that closing down a webpage would not really work, as the meme content could soon respawn, so after six years, he accepted his meme status. He hoped that everyone would forget about using his photos, but that did not happen. Firstly, Internet users from the United States started posting photos of Arató, then the practice spread to Europe, and later on, the rest of the world. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


A succession of exploitable image macros and response photos, including the text “Pain,” are put on top of a photograph in Pain, also known as How Do You Manage Pain. The visuals linked with the topic often elicit feelings of grief or loneliness, and they may also include bogus tweets with the word “pain” pasted on top of them, as well as the terms “How do you handle the pain?” and “How do you deal with pain?” & as well as “It’s a pain. It’s just a lot of discomfort, but surprisingly, people started discussing pain memes more!

Another example was uploaded on Reddit’s dank memes subreddit on October 2, 2019, and has received over 31,700 upvotes and 173 comments in only six months, according to Redditor BigShaggyus. On January 29, 2020, Twitter user Ultra15151 shared a series of memes with the message “Happy New Year!” “It’s a pain. Just a lot of discomfort, with a smile on my face the whole time. “Over 7,200 likes, 1,700 retweets, and 228 responses in nine months is an impressive feat. On February 2, the meme got space on iFunny, where it gained more than 310 likes in a short period. (Source: dontgetserious.com)



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