Yelena's House is a nimble little startup with a small team answering calls for home services—everything from laundromats to dog sitting. It takes Yelena’s House just seconds to set up an appointment, confirm availability, and confirm payment. The founders are also the support staff. But the company hit a snag after Yelena's sudden death in September 2016. Who would lead Yelena’s House now?

Yelena is a very tall woman with her blonde hair styled in a short bob with straight bangs. She has large black eyes, thick eyelashes and somewhat androgynous features due to her build and style. She also sports a chinstrap beard, which is later revealed to be fake. Originally, Yelena wore the standard Marleyan military uniform, but after disaffiliating she began wearing a casual white button-down with a dark blazer and pants. (Source:

‘hawkeye’ Begged Marvel to Be Able to Use Yelena Belova in the Show

Ever since Black Widow hit screens, Marvel fans have been waiting for a promised crossover, the idea that Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova would be showing up in Hawkeye, as teased by an end credits sequence with Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Contessa Valentin

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)Not being as prone to monologues as Astrov and Voynitsky, the beautiful Yelena is a somewhat mysterious figure. Certainly a number of characters (not to mention critics) write her off as a shallow woman who does little more than idly eat, sleep, and charm with her beauty. This portrait of Yelena, however, perhaps gives her short shrift. Rather than simply charm, it is clear that she fascinates all the major characters of the play, apparently seducing Voynitsky and Astrov without any effort, though again, Chekhov's dependence on indirect action leaves us speculating. She also distracts Sonya from her work entirely. Indeed, in Act III Sonya will describe Yelena's idleness as "infectious" and bewitching, drawing everyone from their duties. More ominously in Act IV, Astrov will cast her has a harbinger of disaster, precipitating both the ruin of the land that in turn reflects the ruin in the household.

Yelena Ogneva-Himmelberger Ph.d.

Professor Yelena Ogneva-Himmelberger joined the faculty in 2006 after several years of teaching GIS and remote sensing at Mount Holyoke College and Tufts University. She received Ph.D. from Clark University, and B.A./M.A. degrees in Geography with distinction from Moscow State University.



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