What is Zenitsu Meaning

What is Zenitsu Meaning



The term Zenitsu is usually said to be a Japanese word meaning demon beyond faith, or evil, or devil. In Buddhism, Zenitsu is referred to as the demon of delusion, or the demon of erroneously believing or trusting in one’s own delusions. Practitioners and Buddhists alike may choose to refer to Zenitsu as being the culprit for all types of suffering.

Zenitsu is a young man of average height with fair skin and downward-sloped, scared-looking eyes that fade from soft brown to gold. He has short, yellow hair of varying lengths. Cutting off squarely at the ends, it fades to a darker orange color, that falls in front of his face in uneven bangs. Before he became a Demon Slayer, Zenitsu's hair was originally black, but it turned the color it is currently when he was struck by lightning during his training. (Source: kimetsu-no-yaiba.fandom.com)


The word 'zenitsu' exists in Japanese mythology as a demon that eats whale meat. It was first used as the name of a mythical animal that the god of a water god refused to reveal himself to humans. In the year 1234 a gateway to demons was opened and in that year Tanemitsu, who has a human shape, appeared.

Inside the house, where the rooms spin each time the tsuzumi is played, Tanjiro gets separated from Zenitsu Agatsuma. Without Tanjiro by his side, Zenitsu is overcome by fear and despair as he takes Shoichi through the house. Meanwhile, Tanjiro meets the master of the house, the tsuzumi-playing demon, and an odd-looking man wearing a boar's head mask. (Source:www.imdb.com)


Zensetsu, or Zenitsu, is a demon from a Japanese myth called "Agatsuma," also known as "Demon of the field". Zenitsu is often said to be a demon, but the ambiguity of the word has meant that the creature is often seen more as a guide in disguise.

Demon Slayer is a highly popular and beloved manga series across the globe. Its first chapter was released on February 15, 2016, and ended on May 18, 2020. When the manga ended, the fan base quickly compared every character’s strengths and weaknesses. (Source:www.sportskeeda.com)


Zenitsu is the demon slayer who aims to defeat all demons to save humans from their influence. Slayers are the descendants of Zenitsu and protect the world from demon influence. Although slayers are not bound to one place, Zenitsu is the most recognized for being a demon slayer. Zenitsu can also be associated with how one should live their life as well. If a person is a good person, they are considered to be Zenitsu.

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Demon Slayer Nendoroid - Zenitsu

demon slayer nendoroid zenitsu

The Nendoroid Dolls are palm-sized action figures with alternate doll-like bodies. Each character has a unique appearance and can be dressed up in many different outfits. This character from the Japanese anime "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba" is a Nendoroid. Her features include enhanced strength and hearing, and a womanizing nature.

Enhanced strength

The Enhanced Strength of the Demon Slayer Nendoroid is a highly detailed recreation of one of the character's most defining poses. The figure stands about ten centimeters tall, and includes two demon slaying weapons. The sword is also unsheathed and features a lightning pattern. The model is also complete with a messenger bird and special effect that makes him look like he is using a thunder breathing technique.

The Good Smile Company produces the acclaimed Nendoroid line of figurines. These figures feature interchangeable parts and iconic chibi-style designs. The Enhanced Strength of the Demon Slayer Nendoroid is one of the most anticipated Nendoroids in the series. The Nendoroid of the main character is set to be released in 2021.

This Nendoroid is inspired by the popular anime series Kimetsu no Yaiba, and comes with an additional demon-slicing DOOM, Giyu Tomioka, and Demon Slayer. The set also includes a second round of preorders. This time, however, you can pick up a set of both characters for a total of five figures.

The Enhanced Strength of the Demon Slayer Nendoroid is one of the most popular models in the series, and it features a posable version of Zenitsu, as well as a full-sized Kamado Nendoroid, which stands four inches tall. She also includes a Kasugai Crow and the demon slayer's standard expression. Lastly, the Nendoroid is equipped with an optional Beast Breathing feature that makes the character even more powerful and dangerous.

Womanizing nature

The demon slayer Zenitsu is one of the core trio in the manga and anime series "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba." She initially has a cowardly nature, but has become a fan favorite when she starts to work with Tanjiro and Inosuka Hashibira. The two characters eventually reach a balance and are far stronger together than they are separately. Whether you're looking for a figurine to display in your room or to give as a gift, the Nendoroid depicts Zenitsu at his best.

Enhanced hearing

The Demon Slayer's sense of hearing is enhanced and it is one of his greatest assets. Not only can he hear demons, but he can also detect people's thoughts. Moreover, his enhanced hearing allows him to sense demons even when he is unconscious, which makes him a highly effective swordsman. As a result, he has become one of the most popular demon slayers.

Zenitsu has an incredible sense of hearing and a heightened sense of fear. Because of his extrasensory perception, he can detect even the most minute sounds and can detect emotions as well. Due to his training and extrasensory perception, he can even fight when he is asleep, making him more effective in battle. His hearing ability makes him a unique character and adds to his already impressive collection of accessories.

In the Demon Slayer anime, Zenitsu Agatsuma is one of the strongest characters in the series. Although he is a skilled swordsman, he also struggles with his self-confidence. To overcome this issue, he joins the Demon Slayer Corps, a secret organization whose mission is to protect the people of Japan from demons.

The demon slayer nendoy reflects this. Zenitsu is able to detect demons through her enhanced hearing. While awake, Zenitsu is able to perceive the sounds around her, and blacks out when she comes in contact with a demon. During her unconscious state, she is a completely different person. The demons that attack her turn out to be quite powerful, and it only takes her a few seconds to kill them. While she is still capable of killing demons, she often gets carried away by her paranoia and anxiety. Despite her incredible hearing, Zenitsu remains in a perpetual state of anxiety and paranoia. The last thing she wants to do is run from a dangerous situation.

New form

Good Smile Company's newest Nendoroid Agatsuma joins the popular series of action figures. These highly detailed figures feature interchangeable body parts and Nendoroid heads. Zenitsu Agatsuma comes dressed in her Demon Slayer Corps uniform, with interchangeable hand parts and an articulated stand. The Zenitsu Agatsuma action figure has an approximate height of 14cm.

This figure is a fan favorite from the Demon Slayer series. Available in both serious battle poses and comical ones, this figure is sure to be a hit with fans of the series. Good Smile Company is part of the toytec D.T.C., so expect it to be an excellent replica. Not only will this figurine come with a posable body, but it will also include accessories and a full set of weapons.

The Powers of Zenitsu


The basic premise of Zenitsu is to walk on equal footing with his comrades and be worthy of the faith and expectations that others place in him. To achieve this, he sets out to push himself beyond his physical limits. In order to achieve this, he begins to learn Total Concentration Breathing - Constant from Inosuke and Tanjiro. Through his studies, Zenitsu has learned some of the most powerful techniques, including kata, kihon, and nihon.


As the protagonist of the anime series, Zenitsu has many facets. His personality and appearance resemble a mix of cuteness and seriousness. Initially, he seems like a coward, believing that his life will be short if he doesn't slay any demons. But after he gains experience, Zenitsu grows to appreciate the value of women and is attracted to the company of pretty girls. The story of Zenitsu is about a man whose desire to have a wife is strong enough to override his aversion to love.

His hair is short and bowl shaped and originally black, however, it was later dyed a deep orange color. His eyes are golden and slant downward. His clothing is a pale brown variant of the traditional Demon Slayer outfit, with a white belt and stretching hakama trousers. His hair is cut in a bowl shape. Despite his sexy appearance, Zenitsu's personality is also rooted in his superstitions.

When awake, Zenitsu is an effective warrior against demons, even if he is unconscious. His Thunder-Breathing technique can be devastating when he is asleep or awake. In addition to being an excellent swordsman, Zenitsu is able to hear people's thoughts, even those they may not understand. He also writes a diary of battles against Demons, and even publishes a series of books called "Tales of Zenitsu".

While his low self-esteem has been criticized, he is never truly happy. He has a tendency to run away crying when he fails to meet his expectations. His colleagues compensate for his lack of self-esteem by helping him. In addition to his lack of self-esteem, Zenitsu has a strong desire to avenge his former friend Jigoro Kuwajima and restore his honor and dignity.

Alternate versions

Kaigaku and Zenitsu were former training partners, but he was defeated by Kokushibo. When he turned demon, he used black lightning from his body to create lethal attacks. His second form is the Rice Spirit, a series of five slashes that kills most opponents in one go. Fortunately for Zenitsu, Kaigaku could not use the First Form of Thunder Breathing.

Some fans consider Zenitsu Agatsuma to be a clumsy coward. His pessimistic outlook on life and fear of death have caused him to be overly timid and cowardly. Although he often flirts with girls, he actually has a deep love for them, despite their obvious disinterest. His fear of dying alone makes him dangerous to his enemies.

As for Zenitsu's strength, he has superhuman hearing. His ability to hear the faintest sounds makes him one of the strongest fighters in the series. In addition, he can discern between human and demon. His innate sense of hearing means he is able to hear even the faintest movements of the demons he is fighting. Likewise, Zenitsu is able to detect human and demon heartbeats and can tell if someone is lying.

Another variation of Zenitsu is Thunderclap and Flash, which can be performed while in mid-air. The technique also involves uprooting the ground beneath the user, causing the momentum to stop. It can be performed in mid-air, and has the same effects as Prime. This version of the attack is less damaging than the first version, but is useful when in a combo. This move is a powerful one that can hit multiple opponents.


The powers of Zenitsu can be used to sense demons. He has the ability to hear the sounds made by others and to determine their level of strength. Zenitsu can also sense people's thoughts. It is this ability that allows him to distinguish between human and demon and thwart his enemy's attack. The following are some examples of Zenitsu's powers. Read on for more details.

The physical strength of Zenitsu is unparalleled. He has gained this strength through the most grueling training and accumulated incredible power in his legs. These power reserves allow him to jump extremely high and at incredible speed. These abilities, combined with Thunder Breathing, enable Zenitsu to defeat the strongest opponents in the world. This power is a rare and amazing gift that allows Zenitsu to defeat opponents at an accelerated rate.

The martial arts practiced by Zenitsu is based on the ancient Chinese tradition of kung fu. The art uses various weapons. The most popular of these is the shuriken. It can be used against a variety of creatures including demons, monsters, and even humans. The swordsmanship of Zenitsu is exceptional. It can be used against even the most powerful demons. There are also many myths that relate to the art.

Zenitsu's name comes from the Japanese language, "zen" meaning goodness. His surname, "agatsuma" means "wife." Zenitsu's name was confirmed by the mangaka, who explained that it was important to emphasize the last syllable, "suu".


One of the most striking attributes of Zenitsu is his heightened sense of hearing. He is able to detect danger from a distant distance, and has been shown to have superhuman hearing in brothels and the Infinity Castle. As a result, he is an excellent swordsman, capable of executing complex moves. Another unique attribute of Zenitsu is his ability to replicate any tune on a Koto or Shamisen - despite having no musical background.

The swordplay of Zenitsu is especially impressive, as he is highly proficient at fast swordplay and the Thunderclap and Flash technique. Zenitsu was also able to use these skills while sleeping to successfully defend three train carts from Enmu. In addition to his excellent swordplay, Zenitsu's ability to wield a sword has improved over the years, so much so that his skill matches the level of an Upper Rank demon, as well as a severely wounded Muzan. This makes him an exceptional swordsman in the Demon Slayer Corps.

Other attributes of Zenitsu include his fair skin and small eyebrows. He has yellow hair, and his eyes gradually fade from black to gold. His hair is short and yellow. Although originally black, it later turns yellow after he was struck by lightning during training. Zenitsu's limbs also shrank due to Demonic poison, and he temporarily lost his leg strength, but they regrew to normal after Shinobu Kocho's medicine.

While Zenitsu acts like a coward when awake, he becomes a powerful demon slayer when asleep. The main character of the Demon Slayer series, Zenitsu Agatsuma is a demon slayer who is accompanied by Tanjiro Kamado. He possesses a strong swordsmanship skill and a heightened sense of hearing.

Relationship with Nezuko Kamado

The relationship between Zenitsu and Nezuko Kamado is a very interesting one. At first, the two are not attracted to each other, and he does not see love as anything special. Rather, he sees it as an escape from the evil demons that he faces. This is evident in several scenes throughout the game. After all, Zenitsu is the only boy in the entire game and has no other female friends. But as time goes on, he slowly falls for his girl, and he eventually finds love.

The first time we meet Zenitsu, he is described as a "weird dandelion". But despite his initial disliking nature, he gradually starts showing affection. During the stories he tells, he would adjust the container to be able to see Nezuko more clearly. The way he responds to her actions suggests that he and Nezuko have been romantically involved for some time.

In the last chapter of Demon Slayer, Zenitsu begins to like Nezuko Kamado. He always wants to talk to her, even though she is a demon and is not capable of speaking human language. Nezuko, however, refuses to talk to him and runs away whenever he gets the chance. This relationship is completely one-sided, and it's very difficult to read what exactly Zenitsu feels for his demon love.

Though Zenitsu fell in love with Nezuko at first sight, his feelings for her were not reciprocated. But he did treat her with affection, and in the end, they married and started a family. They would have children, as well as great-grandchildren. The relationship between Zenitsu and Nezuko is an extremely romantic one. So what's the secret?

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