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Watch atlanta

The aerial shots offer an interesting perspective on the city. The ritzy type of building in downtown is contrasted with the older homes in the suburbs. The latest in modern architecture is juxtaposed with the older attics. The view seems like it could show the whole city in an instant.


Donald Glover does it again. Glover might change mediums on us every few years, but he always comes back with something new that's incredibly fresh. Atlanta won't just make you laugh at the characters' conversations or at incredibly random ATLiens (people from Atlanta), it will also make you think about life, society, race, fame, and other deep topics/issues. I can't testify to whether or not D.G. has truly captured the city of Atlanta in this show (since I've never been there), but I can definitely tell you that we're at least witnessing Glover's Atlanta.

A show that combines the soul-searing struggle of trying to be a successful artist with the gritty contemporary issues facing black culture into a strange but beautiful mix of bittersweet vibes. Glover does an incredible job making the show feel grounded while at the same time bestowing a kind of stranger than fiction quality to the narrative. For every down there is an up for the characters in Atlanta who stumble but always seem to catch themselves with a dry wit and humour that is all Glover. This show is not for everyone but for those who can relate it is a rare gem. (Source: www.amazon.com)


Straight man Brian Tyree Henry (Albert) is also brilliant. He reminds me very much of Bud Abbott although his Costello changes from scene to scene. One way his character stays fresh is that Albert is caught between a rock and a hard place - be the thug that promotes his rap in order to make it in music or, be who he is in reality: a pretty straight laced, nice guy (pot dealer) who has to get rough in some situations, mostly to fight getting screwed over because people try to take advantage of him or his cousin. He wants to be famous, but also wants to be able to be himself with his friends. One of my favorite episodes in this series was when he's featured on public access as a typecast as a thug against gay people. (Even if you don't like the first episode or two, please watch that before writing off the show.) Mix in Darius (LaKeith Stanfield) as your Kramer and you get comic gold.

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