Under the Oak Tree`

Under the Oak Tree`

Under the Oak Tree


Trees are an iconic part of our landscape, representing the world of both nature and the urban jungle. Many people take their trees for granted, yet they can be an important part of everyday life. They provide cooling shade and help with air quality and water retention. They also serve as havens for wildlife, which can bring a homey feel to a dwelling. And they can generate clean, renewable energy. It’s important to recognize the significance of trees in both the built and natural environments.

Everyone’s like read under the oak tree it’s so good. no it’s not, it’s boring as ion what. the only interesting point of this is that she has a disability (which is not usually shown in media) that’s it. I read from somewhere that she’s trying to overcome it but besides that it’s not interesting. It lacks good character development and a solid established plot. Along with the relationship between her and the knight makes no sense from where I stopped reading. Like he’s magically in love with her after meeting once it’s not even hinted that they knew each other early on. Instead of build their relationship they were just thrown into it which is some lazy writing. If it take 100 chapters to get into a novel/comic it’s not good. period point blank. (Source: www.mangaupdates.com)


This short story follows an unnamed narrator as she and her mother walk down the path, chattering about the days events. Despite their excitement about the future, one thought lurks in the back of the narrator's mind: "Under the Oak Tree". Out of nowhere, she hears a loud pop, and sees the tree fall before her. She's upset to admit that it doesn't hurt, but she still has trouble comprehending what happened.

I started reviewing the webtoon would love to insight this ebook but I can't find it anywhere. Any links? (Source: www.goodreads.com)


It was early summer, and to the four-year-old Mariah, the world was one big playground, free of any and all rules. Under the shade of the oak trees that dotted the school grounds, Mariah would romp, scrambling through the long, cool grass. One day, however, not even Mariah could revel under the tree’s protection.

Riftan used to just a knight of lowly status who was 'forced' to marry Max before departing for an expedition that lasted 3 years. So when he comes back he has a lot of insecurity about Max and their marriage. (Source: www.goodreads.com)


The oak tree is the mightiest of all trees, making it a persisting symbol of the strength and durability that is found in nature. The image of the strong and enduring oak on the sign of many businesses is not just decorative. It provides the firm reminder that the business does indeed stand stronger and more durable than other businesses around the community.

When her father is ordered by the king to deal with a rampaging dragon, he marries her off to the commoner knight Riftan Calypse in return for an oath to deal with the dragon in his stead. Riftan spends a single night with Max before heading off on his mission. (Source:tvtropes.org)


The boy waited patiently for the oak tree to grow to maturity until he could scale its broad and sturdy trunk to become the tallest in the forest. The boy’s father strongly encouraged the child to train without the use of weapons and this was accomplished by swinging from tree to tree in an effort to learn how to use his body naturally and raise his . . .

The daughter of a duke, the stuttering Maximilian, married a warrior of lowly status at her father’s coercion. After their first night, her husband departed for an expedition without another word. He comes back three years later, this time as a famous genre in the whole continent. How would Maximilian face him on his return? “The more I think of you, the more lonely and lonely I become. I don’t know why I can’t quit even though it’s so painful.” (Source: treemanga.com)


– The time is exactly fourteen years prior to the beginning of this story. A boy named Lee Hyuk can see the wounds of others around him.



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