Travel Guest Post: Good SEO Guidelines

Travel Guest Post: Good SEO Guidelines

Travel Guest Post: Good SEO Guidelines


Blogging is a great way to express your opinions on topics that interest you. Keep the information you're publishing on your blog up to date, which means timely posts are important.

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Every hour spent in research is an hour lost posting to our own blogs so. When I found 12 travel blogs looking for guest posts I shared them with my readers and freed up the night for something else. (Source: gobackpacking.com)

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Travel Guest Post


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Writing blog posts on travels for others is a great way to gain experience. As a beginner, it'll be difficult to get writing gigs on travel-related topics, but don't give up asking for them. You never know who might be interested in working with you. If someone does, things will get even easier because you'll be able to learn some important skills while getting paid for your efforts.

Brendan van Son's site is meant to allow the reader to close their eyes and see the sights, smell the scents. And feel the emotion as if they were there alongside the writer. (Source: gobackpacking.com)

Travel Guest Post


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We specialize in travel and culture, so we love to showcase the people and places that make travel great. We have a goal to be a reliable and trustworthy source for travelers and people in the hotel and hospitality industry.

Etramping Travel Blog (where you are right now). Has grown tremendously since its conception in 2001. And helped grow many other blogs through guest posting. Supporting the travel blogging community has always been a big part of our blog. And we’d like to continue this tradition, with you on board. (Source:etramping.com)

Travel Guest Post


Whether you're an emerging blogger or just yearning to write about travel, you're at the right place. Write about what inspires you, whose story needs to be told, or that place you just can't stop thinking about. Create something that not only entertains but inspires the mind and uncovers the secrets of your readers. This is your time to shine and show what you're made of.

Hopefully, these travel blog post ideas will help inspire your next post too. 🙂 (Source: www.wanderherway.com)


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