Tim dillon net worth

Tim dillon net worth

Tim dillon

Tim Dillon is a well known writer for Forbes.com. He used to frequent The Million Dollar Herd but hasn’t been in the in a while. Most recently he co-authored a book called “The Millennial Money Manual: How To Invest in a Booming Market Without Getting Burned”.


Tim Dillon grew up in Island Park, New York. As a child, he tried his hand at acting and, in 1994, landed a small role on PBS children's show Sesame Street. Dillon opened up about his child acting days on The Joe Rogan Experience, stating, “I was a child actor as a kid and I failed. I was on Sesame Street twice. I did the polka with Snuffleupagus. Legitimately.”

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Tim Dillon is a Stand up comedian, writer, and actor. He was a new face at the Montreal Comedy Festival in 2016. He won the title of New York’s Funniest 2016 at Carolines NY Comedy Festival. In 2017 he was named of the top ten comics you need to know by Rolling Stone magazine. He had two specials premiere in 2018, a Comedy Central Half Hour and a Netflix Quarter hour. He created and hosts Tim Dillon’s Real NY Tour which takes the audience on a double decker bus through Manhattan. He has performed at the Oddball Comedy Festival, the Glasgow Comedy Festival, SXSW, among others. He has been on the Christ Gethard show on Fusion, Gotham Comedy Live on AXS tv, Fox’s Red Eye, Tru Tv’s Comedy Knockout, and season two of WYFD with Big Jay Oakerson on Seeso. He hosts a Podcast called The Tim Dillon Show

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