Teresa Fidalgo`

Teresa Fidalgo`

Teresa Fidalgo

Who Is Teresa Fidalgo? the Real Truth Behind Ghost Story (latest 2021)

It seems that the internet is very much interested in creating a fiction-based story like a Slender Man and other repeated ghost stories. Among all those false stories Teresa Fidalgo ghost is one of them that gets hyped on the internet in a different way.

Who Is the Author of the Story of Teresa Fidalgo?

The writer of the story is a Portuguese content creator David Rebordão. He creates a very interesting story about a girl. This video was made in early 2003 when David R. and many of his mates went for a trip. To look at a few sites, if they could shoot different scenes for his future movie, which was supposed to be named “Virus”.

Teresa Fidalgo Fonseca

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Teresa Fidalgo Biograph

Teresa Fidalgo Biography – Teresa Fidalgo is a fictional role from a Portuguese film whose video has gone viral in the country. According to the viral story, in 1983 Sentra died in a car accident in Portugal. Later, Teresa Fidalgo begins scaring people by sending messages on Social Sites. The clip went viral in 2003 in Portugal. Then, it was revealed that it was a part of the horror film. However, many believed the story to be real because there was an accident in that area in 1983. Teresa Fidalgo is a fictional character from a film (image source: YouTube channel of India discovered



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