Shante broadus age

Shante broadus age

Shante broadus

I was an ordinary girl-child, with girlish dreams. One evening, I was preparing to take my mother's shoes off to reveal my high-heeled hiding-place; when I suddenly offered them to my father. He said, "Let's put them on, and you'll be like mommy someday". And that was the end of my childhood innocence.


Behind every great man is an even greater woman, and Shante Broadus — wife of rapper Snoop Dogg — is the perfect example of that.She first met her now-husband in high school, back when he was known as Cordozar Calvin Broadus and (allegedly) selling dimebags of weed to the likes of Cameron Diaz. She stuck by him through thick and thin, and eventually became his first-ever manager. When Snoop’s career took off, she turned her bag around and flipped it into her own production company called Boss Lady Entertainment. (Source:

Eventually, however, he realized that Shante Broadus was the definition of a rider, and he worked overtime to finally win her back. Snoop Dogg and Shante Broadus first got together when they were in high school. They were together for four months before they even kiBorn on Oct. 30, 1971, Shante Broadus is 49-years-old as of this writing. (Source:Now, Snoop Dogg has been married to Shante Broadus for 24 years as of this writing. (Source:ssed! (Source:

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Shante Broadus has a net worth of $5 million

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