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Rush hour 3

Rush hour 3


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Rush Hour 3 is a 2007 American buddy action comedy film directed by Brett Ratner, written by Jeff Nathanson, and starring Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, Max von Sydow, Hiroyuki Sanada, Noémie Lenoir, Yvan Attal and Youki Kudoh. It is the third installment in the Rush Hour series and centers on Inspector Lee (Chan) and Officer Carter (Tucker) tracking an assassin to Paris to unravel a mystery about the Chinese triads. Announced on May 7, 2006, filming began on July 4 on location in Paris and Los Angeles. Released on August 10, 2007, the film received average reviews from film critics, and grossed $258 million worldwide against a $140 million budget. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

Like the original Rush Hour, RUSH HOUR 3 finds perennial LAPD muck-up Carter (Chris Tucker) joining forces with Chinese Chief Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan), even though they're barely able to understand each another. This time, following the shooting of Ambassador Han (Tzi Ma, who was also in the first film), the guys make their way to Paris, a stronghold for Chinese Triad gangs. Supposedly there to protect World Criminal Court chief General Reynard (Max von Sydow), the duo indulges in one raucous scene after another. Not incidentally, they also end up saving two beautiful women, Han's daughter Soo Yung (Jingchu Zhang) and model-singer-gambler Genevieve (Noémie Lenoir). The action is non-stop and includes several urban chase scenes, martial arts slapstick (one pits Carter and Lee against real-life 7'9" basketball player Sun Ming Ming, here a lumbering bodyguard), and shootouts in a hospital and a nightclub. Both characters embody Carter's generally anti-French sentiments (when he meets an "Asian" who speaks French, he instructs, "Stop humiliating yourself!"). Initially dismissive of Yankees ("You lost in Vietnam, you lost in Iraq," he sniffs), George is soon won over by Carter and Lee's thrilling chaos in the form of the car chases and guns. (Source: www.commonsensemedia.org)

As a side note, and a slight endorsement, Rush Hour 3 does boast the fascinating spectacle of two patriarchs of European cinema making tits of themselves. As the aforementioned Reynard, Max Von Sydow is a late subscriber to the Garth Marenghi school of sinister acting, while Roman Polanski, architect of Chinatown and Repulsion, is reduced to fisting Chris Tucker. (Source: www.empireonline.com)


Lalo Schifrin composed the soundtrack, interspersed with hip hop and R&B music. Two soundtrack albums were released. An album of the hip hop and R&B music used was released on August 8, 2007, on CD and audio cassette from New Line Records and Columbia Records. Another, containing Schifrin's original compositions for the film was released on the Varèse Sarabande label.

Rush Hour 3 was marketed as just another Rush Hour picture, in part because the movie itself is a slight romp, and lacked the event-style build-up that Rush Hour 2 had. What's more, Chan hasn't been on American screens for three years, while Tucker's last movie was Rush Hour 2. A repetitious entry in a series without a major new hook doesn't quite cut it after a six-year wait if the intent is to build or retain an audience. That Rush Hour 3 had a sizable debut is a credit to the good will generated by the first two pictures.On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 18% based on 159 reviews, with an average rating of 4.2/10. The site's critical consensus reads, "Rush Hour 3 is a tired rehash of the earlier films, and a change of scenery can't hide a lack of new ideas." Todd Gilchrist of IGN movies said, "A movie that not only depends on but demands you don't think in order to enjoy it."

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