Rumi's kitchen menu

Rumi's kitchen menu


Rumi's kitchen menu

House of Rumis in Atlanta is a North Indian restaurant with unparalleled taste and excellent service. With the goal of creating a cuisine with a clear Indian value, Atul and his cooks serve a world-class Indian food.


Welcome to Rumi’s Kitchen, the premiere location for Persian Cuisine. We are named after one of the most famous and well-read poets in the world, Jelaluddin Rumi. Rumi was a 13th century Persian poet whose visions, words, and life teach us how to reach inner peace, happiness, and love. We invite you to Rumi’s Kitchen where fresh, healthy food, attentive Persian hospitality, and an atmosphere filled with love await you.

At Rumi’s Kitchen, Ali has been able to artfully bring together an atmosphere full of joyous energy with attentive & generous Persian hospitality along with the unforgettably unique aromas and flavors of Persian cuisine which is truly reflective of his simple intention to bring joy and happiness to the overall dining experience of each guest. Every member of the team at Rumi’s Kitchen strives to deliver the service that is demanded by such unique intention and vision. (Source: www.experienceavalon.com)


Rumi's Kitchen, owned by chef Ali Mesghali and Stephen Kaplan, specializes in large family-style plates like lamb rack with lentil and raisin basmati, duck fesenjoon with pomegranate and walnut stew, and soltani kabob. The use of saffron is instrumental throughout the menu. The restaurant also boasts a competitive wine list with selections from the Middle East. (Source: www.houstoniamag.com)

Most of the DC menu carries over from the two Georgia locations. Among the popular dishes: kashk badenjoon (fried eggplant with cream of whey, crispy onion, and mint), ghormeh sabzi (a stew with beef, scallions, red kidney beans, and dry lime), and that super smooth hummus, which comes with toppings like lamb merguez sausage or smoked salmon. In addition, extensive kabob offerings include saffron and citrus-brined chicken breast, yogurt-marinated lamb with mint, and ground beef koobideh with a blend of chuck, hanger, and brisket cuts. If dining among mannequins isn’t your thing, the menu is also available for pickup, delivery, and on a small patio. (Source: www.washingtonian.com)


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