Robert Fisher`

Robert Fisher`

Robert Fisher

I think there is a certain type of person who is great at growing a business. And so if you were someone who took a class, read a really great blog, and you go to bed at night always thinking, “What can I do tomorrow to help my business grow? ”, the moments you have in those moments, I think those are moments that great entrepreneurs have.

Where Is Robert Fisher? (2011

Explore the disturbing story of one of America's most wanted fugitives, Robert Fisher. Following the brutal murder of his family, Fisher went missing in 2001 - years later, his whereabouts r...

Who Is Robert Fisher?

Robert Fisher would turn 60 years old in April. He was never found after his Scottsdale home exploded on April 10, 2001, with his wife, Mary, and two children, Brittney and Bobby, inside. Investigators later determined his wife and children were murdered and the home was rigged to explode.

Low budget, direct-to-tv documentary. But even for someone who only heard about this case for the first time without watching other "crime shows" about it, it gives a well rounded account of the Robert Fisher case. As this case lingers for many years now, it pretty much boggles down to theories of his whereabouts based on different appraisals of his hunter skills. But 3/4 of the film has passed past and the rest is just time fillers, there's just nothing else to add.

Watch Where Is Robert Fisher?

This documentary is not bad. A little repetitive. You could probably get the entire point in the first 30 minutes. If you enjoy true crime, you'll probably like this though. It has some flaws, ie police cannot imagine how he knew he would be a murder suspect. Hilarious! He had been a fireman, he would have known that the use of accelerants in the fire would be obvious.

i really enjoy true crime stories. i will go so far as to say, i am obsessed and have read and watched a ton of material on different cases. i'm no spring chicken when it comes to true crime documentaries is what i'm saying... that humblebrag out of the way... this was a great watch! yes, the first part of the film, before getting into the story, does drag. but what intro into a character study doesn't drag a little? the middle of the story, the interviews, are intriguing! especially the interviews with his sister. there is no real closure in this case, YET, but i believe it is only a matter of time! look at how long it took to capture john list! (shout out to america's most wanted and the always amazing john walsh!). yes, i believe robert fisher is alive. and, yes i believe he will probably eventually be captured. though, unlike the psychic lady at the end of this docu, i won't put a date on it. lol. (Source: www.amazon.com)



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