Renting a car at denver airport

Renting a car at denver airport

Renting a car at denver airport

Family in town for a couple of days and dont want to deal with driving around in the city for parking? Take a look at these 2 options. There are plenty at the airport and it is easier than downtown right off of a highway.Denver International Airport has more than 10 major rental car companies serving Colorado travelers. Car rental agencies are located on airport property and provide courtesy shuttle service to and from Jeppesen Terminal. Shuttles pick-up and drop-off from Jeppesen Terminal Level 5, Island 4, outside doors 505-513 (east side) and 504-512 (west side).



I didn't like anything. I experienced total confusion and chaos while trying to pick up a car I reserved several weeks earlier. I was ripped off for liability coverages and waivers I didn't ask for, and was not offered. DO NOT RENT FROM ENTERPRISE AT DENVER INTERNATIONAL. I could write a short story about how bad my experience was. I've been trying to get help from Enterprise for days to resolve the bad experience, and keep getting the run around. "somebody will call", but nobody has. Rent a car from a different company.

The first person who assisted me was very nice and help me getting a better car for the snow so I upgraded to a 4x4 SUV my renthaving the car clean no with mud and dust and papers and stuff inside plus with wash fluid because at the middle of my trip from Denver to Vail I got the low wash fluid sign the first time I used it so obviously before getting to Vail I ran out of wash fluid in the middle of a snow storm which made the beginning of my trip very dangerous because of a lack of supervision from your company which delivered a car which has recently dropped at your facilities, very bad honestly. (Source: www.kayak.com)


If you plan on collecting frequent-flier miles with your car rental, be aware that you might be charged up to $1 per day for the privilege. Other junk fees include renting a toll transponder (about $5 a day), a GPS navigation system (use your smartphone instead), and satellite radio (sometimes as much as $8 per day). Rental companies often price their vehicles in peculiar ways, too. For example, cars rented at the airport are almost always more expensive because of added taxes and fees. Rent at an off-airport location and you could save 20 percent or more.

It is believed that a large number of travelers pick the rental car deals after arriving at Airports. So what is the best deal? Are advanced bookings in the favor of a customer, or is it just an additional approach to trick consumers into paying huge rental fees? A close observation or analysis is required to have good information in a comparative way.However you must ensure that it is the best price offered by any car rental company. Online booking also allow the customers to cancel the deal any time especially if you have a better deal offered by other companies. (Source:www.rentcar360.com)





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