Pump Track

Pump Track

Pump Track

A successful public pump track will require the same amount of maintenance and care. Unfortunately, we’ve seen pump tracks in a number of communities built by bike park contractors without a maintenance plan in place. Or even worse, without a water source readily available to repair the track surface. At one park we visited, we found from local advocates that they were restricted from performing necessary maintenance as they didn’t have an MOU in place – something the park designer should have anticipated, and worked with the local bike club to implement at the time of construction.

Pump Trac

It was originally designed for the mountain bike and BMX scene, and now, due to concrete constructions, is also used by skateboard, and accessible to wheelchairs. Pump tracks are relatively simple to use and cheap to construct, and cater to a wide variety of rider skill levels.

Design: What Makes a Good Pump Track?

In a word: FLOW. The reality is that pumping around in a circle, no matter how fun, loses its excitement after a few hundred laps. In order to keep the rider excited and engaged, a good track has a number of lines to choose from, great flow and adding features that can be jumped are key.

Over the Past Decade, We Have Developed Pump Tracks for Every Situation. Pick the Right One for You!

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