Paraprofessional Resume Examples

Paraprofessional Resume Examples

Paraprofessional Resume Examples

Here are a few examples of a paraprofessional resume to get you started. We would recommend you take a look at the entire article for a guide on building your resume.Currently, many professionals such as lawyers, doctors, artists, and engineers, spend a lot of time on their resume, often by writing an elaborate personal profile and tailoring the rest of the resume for different jobs. However, there is a growing trend among these professionals to move away from a typical resume to a more scientific resume format.


The top of your resume needs to include both your first and last name and your current contact information. You need to include your email address and phone number at a minimum. This gives hiring managers and recruiters a way to contact you in the event they want to schedule an interview. It also allows them to verify you and cross-check your information with a background check. Since the specific educational requirements for a paraprofessional vary by state, it's important to determine what your state and employer require and list information on your resume. Keep in mind that every employer looks for something different when it comes to the education section on your resume. Aim to highlight what you think they're looking for and refer to the job post to determine their specific education requirements.

Also recognized as an instructional assistant or teacher’s aide, the Paraprofessional will deliver specialized educational assistance to students and teachers in educational institutions. The work activities typically listed on the Paraprofessional Resume include the following – assisting teachers in their teaching duties, undertaking general responsibilities such as creating teaching manuals and rendering reinforcement activities; preparing the class before commencement of lectures or seminars or visual displays; exercising crisis management methodologies; performing relevant clerical tasks, helping teachers in counselling students, and aiding teachers in providing additional attention to special need students. (Source: www.qwikresume.com)


Paraprofessionals help professional people with their duties. Although paraprofessionals are used in many different fields, they are most commonly used to help teachers. Duties include running copies, recess duty, figuring grade averages, helping children with special needs, grading assignments, and proctoring tests. Educational requirements vary. Some school districts require 60 hours of college coursework, some only require a high school diploma. Skills needed are an ability to follow directions, good listening skills, love of children, attention to detail and patience.

Securing a position as a paraprofessional requires validation that you have a passion for children, education, and a desire to help others grow collaboratively. Emphasize this passion in your resume. Focus on the positive attributes you have such as organizational skills, time management, creativity, patience, a love for children, and any other special skills. The resume you prepare is a first impression of you! Let's make it a good one! (Source: study.com)



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