Oculus Rift Will Soon Require Facebook Accounts


The Oculus Rift has been gaining momentum ever since it was first released in mid-October. The company promised a virtual reality experience that would not cause motion sickness. The company's founders were so confident that Andreessen Horowitz turned down an earlier offer to invest in the startup's Series A round. They waited for a new demo and invested anyway. They are now considering adding more accessories to the headset.

The company's founder, Palmer Luckey, had hoped that users wouldn't have to create Facebook accounts in order to use the VR headset, but the social network changed its mind. The company will soon require users to log in to Facebook with their email addresses. In fact, the company says that the service will require users to have a Facebook account within a year. The team hopes that this won't cause a problem, but a user should expect a change.

The Oculus team initially started out building a gaming device for the Facebook platform. They quickly realized that it needed to be more than that. The tech wasn't meant to replace Facebook, but to help people share experiences. The company sold itself to Facebook for $3.2 billion in March. The company's employees and executives received 100 percent equity in the deal. As part of the agreement, they will continue to work for Oculus.

While Oculus was initially intended as a gaming device, Zuckerberg quickly realized that it could be so much more. The social media giant realized the potential of the headset and bought the company for $2 billion. When Palmer Luckey bought the company, he made it clear that it was not about making money off of Facebook, but about sharing experiences. By the end of 2023, all users will have to sign up for Facebook to use Oculus.

The technology behind the Oculus VR was made by two former Valve employees and three former employees. In 2014, the company sold itself to the data-hungry Facebook for $2 billion. The company's CEO, Palmer Luckey, promised that Oculus would not require Facebook accounts to use the product. In May, however, the company announced that the required Facebook account would be required by 2023. In addition, the developers of the VR headset did not promise to use social media without a Facebook account.

The Oculus VR headset has been a huge hit with consumers. In addition to being a high-quality virtual reality headset, it is also capable of producing real-time audio and video. A great VR headset will allow you to interact with other people and see their surroundings as well. However, you can only use Oculus if you have a Facebook account. If you want to buy a VR headset, you can do so by visiting the official website of the company.

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