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Nikole Mitchell

Nikole Mitchell

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A former pastor who now works as an OnlyFans model has claimed that there is not much difference between sex work and pastoral work. Nikole Mitchell from California left her church work to be an adult star and according to her the new job is “healing and liberating”. (Source: meaww.com)

She said that through her new work and the platform, she has “emotional connections” with the people in need. Besides this, she is also making a fortune for herself that was not possible in his previous job. Mitchell explained, “I used to preach sermons, now I get paid to take off my clothes. And I’ve come to find that sex work and pastoral work have more in common than we realize.” (Source: meaww.com)

She was no longer accepted by the congregation and with the full backing of her ex, who she says is a “beautiful soul”, she decided to explore and express herself in new ways. (Source: www.news24.com)

The model came into the limelight when she confessed herself through a video on her social media platforms. She confided in the world about saying goodbye to the religious career and the decision to start a new journey of life as an exotic model. (Source: www.wikicelebs.com)

The former priest finds her new profession as Stripper very liberating and holy. She says that she’s blessed to take this step of her life. (Source: www.wikicelebs.com)


Nikole Mitchell is an American woman who describes herself as a “Pastor-turned-Stripper & Life Coach”. (Source: www.hitc.com)

After putting her church career behind her, Nikole now earns a staggering $100,000 per month from OnlyFans. (Source: www.hitc.com)

Nikole told Fox26 that she now makes more money in a month than she used to in a year. (Source: www.hitc.com If you take a look at Nikole’s Instagram, it’s pretty hard to believe, but she actually used to be celibate. (Source:www.hitc.com))

Nikole shares several risqué pictures of herself in barely there outfits with over 140 000 followers on Instagram, all captioned with positive messages to cheer on anyone who might need a “butt” in the right direction. (Source: www.news24.com)

This 36 years old American model, Nikole Mitchell has a slender figure which stands tall at a height of 5’8 inches. (Source: www.wikicelebs.com)

Nikole loves her three children dearly and mentions that she wants to do everything for their well being. (Source: www.wikicelebs.com)


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