mini blue french bulldog

mini blue french bulldog

Blue French Bulldog

Blue French Bulldog Breed Info: 5 Must-Know Fact

Want a Dog That Is Always Down to Cuddle on the Couch? Need a Furry Little Roommate for Your City Apartment? Then Look No Further Because the Blue French Bulldog Is the Perfect Pup for You.  Are Blue French Bulldogs Good Family Dogs?

Yes, they can provide lots of fun for the family as well as lots of cuddles on the couch. (Source: www.perfectdogbreeds.com)

How Long Does a Blue French Bulldog Live?

Your Blue French Bulldog should live anywhere up to 12 years. (Source: www.perfectdogbreeds.com)

A Blue French Bulldog will usually live for 10 to 12 years. (Source: www.allthingsdogs.com)

How Much Does a Blue French Bulldog Cost?

Most Blue French Bulldog puppies will cost around $3500. (Source: www.perfectdogbreeds.com)

The French Bulldog Is Already a Pretty Expensive Dog. (Source: Www.allthingsdogs.com)Blue French Bulldog - the Right Dog for You?

www.allthingsdogs.com)The delightful Blue Frenchie has a shiny coat that is a beautiful blue color. (Source:

Summary: Should You Get a Blue French Bulldog?

There are so many reasons to adopt this beautiful blue furred friend. They are great for just about anybody but fits right into an apartment or a tiny home in the city. (Source: www.allthingsdogs.com)

www.hepper.com)Blue French BulldogThe Blue French Bulldog is a color variation of the commonly known French Bulldog or Frenchie. They are an adorable dog bred to be an excellent companion and a highly adaptable house pet or apartment-dweller since they are so small. (Source:

What’s the Price of Blue French Bulldog Puppies?

Since the blue coat is one of the rarer colors on a dog, Blue French Bulldogs sell for more than a typical Frenchie does. Although other color variations of a French Bulldog with a good pedigree cost between $1,500 to $3,000, Blue Frenchies cost about $1,000 more on average. Dogs of this breed that have outstanding pedigrees can cost up to $10,000, although this is not common. (Source: www.hepper.com)

1. French Bulldogs Are Not From France.

French Bulldogs are one of the many breeds that come with a somewhat deceiving name. They do not come from France as their name would suggest. Instead, they were first bred around the area of Leeds in the United Kingdom. (Source: www.hepper.com)

www.hepper.com)3. the Blue Coat Color Is Caused by aThe Blue French Bulldog is primarily set apart because of the manifestation of a single gene in their DNA. The smooth blue-gray coat color is caused by a recessive gene known as the dilution gene. (Source: Recessive Gene.

Are These Dogs Good for Families?

www.hepper.com)These dogs do very well as family dogs. They are a small breed, so they are not very threatening nor do they pose potential harm to kids. They are gentle and generally extremely friendly. They enjoy being handled and loved, so having more people around is generally better for them. (Source:

Does This Breed Get Along With Other Pets?

The French Bulldog gets along with other breeds quite well, particularly if they were socialized well. If they have been introduced to other dogs and even cats at a younger age, they are likely to behave well around them as they age. (Source: www.hepper.com)

10 Things You Didn't Know About the Blue French Bulldog

The blue French bulldog is just like any other French bulldog save for the coloration of the dog’s fur. What makes this dog a bit different in terms of color is nothing more than the fact that the dog has a slightly bluish hue that derives from genetics. These are very small dogs that are known to be very affectionate and needy, and they’re not the kind of bulldog that makes a good watch dog or protector. This is a ‘silly’ dog that breathes loudly, has some funny habits and does get sick more often than other dogs. (Source: puppytoob.com)

The Blue French Bulldog

Sometimes Referred to As A: (Source: Animalcorner.org)The Blue Color Is Due to a Recessive Gene Known As the Dilution Gene.

animalcorner.org)Blue Frenchies come in 4 main colors and markings depending on the parent mix: Blue Merle, Blue Pied, Blue Fawn and Blue Brindle. (Source:

animalcorner.org)What Are the Main Characteristics of a BlThe blue Frenchie has a blue colored coat, ranging from dark blue/grey to a lighter blue color, with blue eyes and a blue nose! (Source:ue French Bulldog?

animalcorner.org)Loyalty and Companionship:This compact little dog is sensitive, friendly, gentle and craves attention. It will be an incredibly loyal and friendly member of the family and loves company. (Source:

animalcorner.org)PowerThe Blue Frenchie is of average intelligence and does not have a high energy level or great stamina so care should be taken not to over-exercise as they are prone to overheating easily. (Source: and Intelligence:

How Should You Train a Blue French Bulldog Puppy?

Train Your Blue Frenchie Puppy Early. They Can Be Stubborn and Lack a Lot of Energy but Still Need to Be Able to Go Out in Public and Know How to Follow Orders – for Safety and Socialization. (Source: Animalcorner.org)Q. Why Are They so Expensive?

A. They are expensive and difficult to breed because of their shape. They have a short body and hips and natural mating is not possible so artificial insemination has to be used. A natural birth is not possible because of the mother’s small hips and the size of the puppy head so delivery is by scheduled caesarean (C-section). The whole process is costly and only produces 1-2 puppies per litter. (Source: animalcorner.org)

French Bulldog Dog Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics & Facts – Dogtime

The French Bulldog has enjoyed a long history as a companion dog. Created in England to be a miniature Bulldog, they accompanied English lacemakers to France, where they acquired their “Frenchie” moniker. (Source: dogtime.com)


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