Michael Trucco

Michael Trucco

Michael Trucco

Michael Trucco

Michael was not born to be a custom furniture maker. Unlike many of his professional peers, he doesn’t have a degree in Industrial Design or a background in the woodworking industry. The first time Michael picked up a saw was a day before a bankruptcy auction. The knife dropped from his hand, and a single saw blade went spinning across the floor.

)Edward Michael Trucco (born June 22, 1970) is an American actor known for his role as Samuel Anders on the reimagined Battlestar Galactica and his recurring role as Nick Podarutti in How I Met Your Mother. He also appeared on the 2017–2018 Netflix series Disjointed, as Tae Kwon Douglas.

Tuesday Review: Intelligence, Killer Women, Justified and a Ton of New Tv

www.tvguide.com)He's a hunkier Chuck with the mad fighting skills, reckless bravado — and propensity toward angst — of Alias's Sydney Bristow. Meet TV's new Six Billion Dollar Man, Gabriel Vaughn, who you'll recognize as Sawyer from Lost. And Josh Holloway is very much the main reason to tune into CBS's Intelligence (Tuesday, 9/8c), a proficient if initially perfunctory action thriller that benefits immeasurably from its star's gruff, bluff machismo. Although a little less brooding (over a long-missing wife who might be a terrorist) would make Gabriel, and Intelligence, a lot more fun. (Source:

Killer Women's Tricia Helfer Teases Murder, Mystery and Romance

Female Texas Rangers are few and far between and who better to join their ranks than beloved badass Tricia Helfer — at least on TV. Killer Women (premieres Tuesday, 10/9c, ABC) stars Helfer as Molly Parker, a Texas Ranger whose gender certainly influences her work but never defines her. "She's tough, but she's not one-note," Helfer tells TVGuide.com. "She's got her work, she's got her funny side and her vulnerable side." She's even got a bit of a quirky side, playing trumpet every week at a local bar. Both raised on a ranch and growing up quite tomboyish, Helfer found it easy to relate to Molly right off the bat. And though she doesn't play the trumpet, Helfer did play clarinet in marching band. "I felt very close to her right when I read her for the first time," the actress explains. (Source: www.tvguide.com)

Rotten Tomatoes: Movies

Though his all-American looks and athletic build primed him for a succession of roles on the small screen, Michael Trucco's first love was the stage. Spotted by a talent manager while starring in a stage production of "A Few Good Men," Trucco soon caught the eye of television audiences as a Marine fighter pilot on the syndicated series "Pensacola: Wings of Gold" (1997-2000) and later as a NASCAR driver who has an affair with a high school student on "One Tree Hill" (CW, 2003-12). It was Trucco's turn as resistance fighter Sam Anders on the cult hit remake of "Battlestar Galactica" (Sci Fi Channel, 2003-08) that proved to be the turning point in his career, positioning him as a possible leading actor worth watching. (Source: www.rottentomatoes.com)



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