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Michael Jaco

Michael Jaco

Michael Jaco

Michael Jaco's blog is incredible. His writing is both thought-provoking and practical. His blog is more about life and how to be the best person for yourself and for others.

Gut/Very good: Buch bzw. Schutzumschlag mit wenigen Gebrauchsspuren an Einband, Schutzumschlag oder Seiten. / Describes a book or dust jacket that does show some signs of wear on either the binding, dust jacket or pages.

Cia/seal Michael Jaco, the Intuitive Warrior

How do artists make what they make? Join journalist and best-selling author Lizzy Goodman as she digs into the daily creative practices of some of the most compelling figures in entertainment, politics, film, literature, and art. Difficult Artist is produced by Cadence13. (Source: www.audacy.com)

Financial Independence. for Everyone.

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Add to Cart Failed.

This is some seriously shocking stuff. it's kind of like a Trump loving socialistic aliens here on Earth and in different dimensions controlling us but the government's keeping it from us lizard people spiritual Awakening of "truth" and one of the most self-important bastardization of the concept of Christianity I've probably ever listened to. I recently listened to a sci-fi book that I hated about all of these concepts it was kind of interesting because it was science fiction but now I'm realizing that author was probably a true believer in this and he was not giving a science fiction account he was giving an account of what he believes is going to happen. Anyways it's a pretty fascinating listen to be honest, an entire subculture of alien history that I will enjoy learning about because frankly this is some crazy s***. (Source: www.audible.com)

I Can't Wait for More of This Podcast.

I've been watching Michael Jaco on You Tube. as someone who is coming into The fifth dimension, I have paradigm changing questions. Michael Jaco is the only person I've heard speak that I think can answer my questions. Perhaps I will hear the answers in this podcast. (Source: www.audible.com)



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